What’s On Your Shelf, Kristen Twardowski?

It’s that time again, it’s time for ‘What’s On Your Shelf?’ and today, we have Kristen Twardowski, ex-librarian and writer of psychological thrillers. Kristen has also worked for small publishers in the past so her insight into the world of writing is wide and varied.  When We Go Missing is her debut novel and if you haven’t already, please do check out er blog a ‘Writer’s Workshop’ here. Take it away Kristen!

‘In spite of the fact that I spent years working in libraries, my personal bookshelves are a mess. So that I don’t bring too much shame to my fellow library staff, these pictures are of my most presentable bookcase, which, you may notice, also serves as a television stand.


The top shelf features fiction that I love, and many of the books fall into my favorite genre: fantasy. Some authors I always recommend include Jan Siegel, Peter S. Beagle, Neil Gaiman, Diana Wynne Jones, and Melanie Rawn. The shelf also features swag from my first book, a psychological thriller called ‘When We Go Missing’. Long ago I mentioned that I think necklaces in the shape of books are lovely, and someone very generously decided to make me two book necklaces that feature the cover from ‘When We Go Missing‘. They brighten my day every time I see them.


The lower shelf is a little more prosaic. Because I have written about psychological issues and crime, several of the books focus on criminal profiling. The other books reflect my interest in poetry and the literature of Eastern Europe.


Looking at this bookcase now reminds me that I should organize my other book collections as well. The stack of children’s books to the left of the bookcase could use a little love. I’ll add it to my to-do list!’

These shelves feel a quite bohemian to me but perhaps that’s the wonderful scarf draped over it. I’ma sucker for a scarf ;-). And what a lovely story about that necklace, they look just fab.

On the subject of bibliodisarray (is that a thing?) my bookcases are in a complete mess. Why do you think I haven’t shared mine yet? I too was a library assistant for a while and worked in bookshops, perhaps there’s something in that lol.

Eastern European literature is not something I know anything about and there’s some interesting new authors (new to me) to explore in there. More for my ever growing TBR. Thanks for showing us your bookshelf Kristen. What do you guys think?

Would you like to be a guest on ‘What’s On Your Shelf?’ I’d love to hear from you so get in touch below or through my contact page on www.dsnelson.co.uk


15 thoughts on “What’s On Your Shelf, Kristen Twardowski?

  1. Mae Clair says:

    What a great mix of books! I’ve read a number of fantasy authors in my day and some of the names Kristen mentioned are authors I’ve read and enjoyed.

    Kristen, I like that you have fiction and research sections/shelves too. I’m the same way, keeping those separate. Thanks you two for sharing today!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Annika Perry says:

    An eclectic range of books here and lovely to ‘browse’ through your shelf and read the history behind your collection. When visiting people I will automatically head to their bookshelves; they’re so revealing about one’s personality and interests. A delightful post and thank you for sharing your bookshelf with us!😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. ravenhawks magazine says:

    Love your book collection, Perhaps there is something to having worked in the library as I too was a librarian and my fiction has a room and complete wall to wall floor to ceiling bookshelf to itself. My research, esoteric, history and literature books share a large barrister bookcase. Not greatly organized but kind of? So thanks for sharing today.

    Liked by 2 people

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