The Story Of A Military Hospital

Over on DD Storyteller today I’m talking about a project I’m involved with, for Hampshire County Council’s, Royal Victoria Country Park:


I’m excited to tell you about a new project I’m working on this year with Hampshire County Council’s Royal, Victoria Country Park. 

Throughout 2017 and the early part of 2018, I’ll be developing stories for the park that translate the history of the old military hospital that once stood there. The stories will be aimed at 3 – 12 year olds and will draw on the extensive history of the hospital.
Construction of the hospital began in 1856 and was in use throughout the next century, finally being demolished in 1966. All that is left of this once quarter of a mile long imposing structure is the chapel which still stands today in the middle of the park.’

To read the full post click here


5 thoughts on “The Story Of A Military Hospital

    • writerdsnelson says:

      It is isn’t Margot and you know me, I love a bit of research. I’m already havig a great time getting to know the ins and outs of the hospital workings. I will update where I can and thanks for the kind words.

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  1. Mae Clair says:

    I had problems posting on the other site, but wow! That is quite an imposing structure which remains. he entire thing must have been formidable in it’s day. I love history. What an honor to be participating in something or this nature. Congrats to you!

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    • writerdsnelson says:

      Thanks Mae and it is an amazing site full of history. The problem is you’d have no idea that there was once a 1/4 mile hospital there! Enter the storyteller 😉 oh, and thanks for persevering with the other site. I too am finding it frustrating that people don’t seem to be able to comment easily. If I find a better way to blog on that website, then I will! In the meantime, thanks for hopping back to comment here.

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      • Mae Clair says:

        I think it’s because you have to log with Facebook on the other site. Loved the photos over there, and the history, so of course I had to come back and comment! 🙂

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