The Elements Of A Fairy Tale

Over on DD Storyteller today I’m looking at what makes a Fairy Tale:


‘What makes a fairy tale? When we hear the word we expect a certain type of story, so what is it? 
A fairy tale is considered to hold a certain set of characteristics. Magical tales, they include enchantment, good triumphing over evil, events occurring in threes or sevens, a clear problem and a resolution and finally a moral to the tale. 
For me they are organic ever changing stories with layer upon layer of oral history. Often set in the forest, they include tests or riddles for the listener and a lesson to be learned. Allegory is their primary function. ‘

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6 thoughts on “The Elements Of A Fairy Tale

  1. coldhandboyack says:

    Strange connection problems today. I had to read the other site on my phone, but it’s easier to comment on the PC. I love fairy tale structure. My favorite manual is Screenwriting Tips for Authors. In there she does a wonderful breakdown of Fairy Tale Structure, and it’s amazing that things like The Godfather used it. Think about it, royalty concept, three brothers, the youngest and weakest ascends to power, etc. You really should check it out, the whole book is wonderful.

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    • writerdsnelson says:

      I certainly will, thanks Craig. This was a fairly basic analysis of what a fairytale is and I know there are many many elements to them. For example the use magical items like seven league boots. I love fairytales but I don’t know nearly enough about their history and this is what I’m trying to learn more about. I’ll be posting each Friday about the origins of one fairy tale too and looking at the elements in the story. I’ll definitely chekc out that book, thanks Craig 🙂

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