Cutting Edge Craft: November

Welcome to November’s edition of  ‘Cutting Edge Craft’: what little Beany and I really get up to. The truth behind the laminated learning games and bottle top wonders.

There are many websites that demonstrate craft projects for the budding genius toddler, far better than I could ever hope to, so instead I try to bring you a tongue-in-cheek look at a simple seasonal craft project each month, to re-create with your little monster,  trouble monkey, creative whirlwind, pickle.

Play matters and these craft projects can be added to if your child is older or made simpler if they are younger. The important thing is to have fun!

Whiz, Bang, pop

(Apprentice’s Age: 23 months)

Here’s what you’ll need:


To Make

If you’ve just done the housework then I suggest putting down a sheet under your toddler’s seat and if they are wearing clothing you don’t want to turn into a disco outfit, then an apron is recommended.

Take a large sheet of black sugar paper and sellotape it to the table where you are going to craft. This stops it moving around too much and minimises the glitter volcano created later in the project.

First take the crayons and show your toddler how to draw swirls on the paper. They will copy you only their swirls are likely to be a little less structured. This may involve trying to draw on the table, their hands, their favourite toy or anything within range. Stick with it, it’s fine. Add a few lines coming off the main drawing to add to the overall effect.


At this point you can add holographic stickers to the paper but this is optional. If your toddler is sticker obsessed, loves sticker then this becomes a compulsory stage in the creation.


Next take the glue stick and show your mini artist how to put glue onto the paper, tracing some of the lines and swirls you have drawn. Anything goes at this point.


Next take the glitter and pour over the glue patches. If you’re feeling brave hand the glue and the glitter to your toddler so they have one in each hand.* Repeat the process with different colours of glitter.

This is the tricky part and requires level B toddler wrangling skills. Point to something over your toddler’s shoulder and quickly remove the paper, whilst trying to keep the glitter on it. Tip the loose glitter into a tray. You can use this glitter again if you want or your toddler may have already grabbed it and decorated the rest of the room. Never mind, that’s what hoovers are for.

Stand back and admire your glittery festival of fireworks.


You can simplify this project by leaving out the glitter. You can add to it by gluing fluorescent pipe cleaners and pieces of tin foil to the collage.

A super simple craft project that allows your toddler to express their own artistic flare, encourages fine motor skills, shape forming and co-ordination. It will also create a jolly big mess. Embrace every moment, these are the days you will cherish 😉

*I am not responsible for what happens if you do this: Toddler + Glue + Glitter = human snow globe.

Have you tried this project with your little one? Let me know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Cutting Edge Craft: November

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    What a great mental picture!! A human snow globe! In all seriousness, this does look like an awful lot of fun, and I”m glad you enjoyed it. Even if there was a major cleanup project afterwards. It does look like something that could be adapted for older beans, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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