Free E-book Anyone?

It’s Friday, the nights are drawing in and you’re looking for something to read right? Perhaps a new series? Nothing too heavy, an easy read with colourful characters, twisting plot lines and a mystery to solve.

Never fear, I’ve got just the series for you and if you sign up to my newsletter you get the first novelette in the Blake Hetherington mystery series – ‘Hats Off To Murder’ – absolutely free!


Click here to receive your free copy


Here’s a little more about the series:

‘A milliner must understand his client, capture their personality and crown them with it.’

Blake Hetherington is a fifth generation milliner with a keen eye for detail. A shrewd and sometimes intolerant widower; Blake has a big heart, a true sense of justice and weakness for the damsel in distress. Frequently finding himself on a ‘sea of assumptions without a paddle of truth’, he carefully and methodically gathers the evidence to solve the mystery.

Want to know more?

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