Twelve Stories Challenge: October’s Story: The Tale Of Stinking Cove


The Tale Of Stinking Cove (A Childrens’ Story)

Sidney was a sea slug
And all day long he wove
His way around a sea cave
They called it Stinking Cove

The creatures all around the cove
Said that Sidney smelt
It made him sad to hear them all
They did not know how Sidney felt

What made the cave smell so bad?
It wasn’t him he knew
There was one way to stop the talk
Sidney had to follow the clues

A pungent, rotting, pongy stink
The first clue was the smell
To Sidney it was familiar
Yes, Sidney knew it well

But where was it coming from
And who would make that whiff?
A second clue to solve the puzzle
Was Sidney’s only wish

Then far away inside the cave
There came a peculiar bark
Not like a dog or fox even
But far off within the dark

Sidney’d heard it once before
At a circus he’d heard those shouts
Once he’d been a high wire slug
And below seals balanced balls on their snouts

Sidney slithered further in
Further than he’d gone before
The smell it got much stronger
Drifting up from the cave floor

The barks they got much louder
He could hear but could not see
Many voices came from far away
He needed clue number three

Then against his delicate skin
He felt a sharp and bumpy stick
He moved his feelers along the shape
That glowed in the cave half lit

White and smooth he knew this shape
Oval, flat, with teeth marks?
It was the bones of a cuttlefish
But who was feasting in the dark?

The slug crept on and on he went
His tummy full of fear and dread
When he heard a booming voice quite close
‘Who’s for more stew’, it said.

A chorus of barks grew louder still
As Sidney rounded the rock
There he saw a crowd of seals
All huddled around a pot

The biggest stirred a cauldron
And from it rose tendrils of steam
The smell was very strong now
At last, this was it, it seemed

Sidney moved a little closer
And drew himself up tall
‘Excuse me’ he said, in his biggest voice
That echoed around the rocky hall

The seals turned as Sidney said
‘Is that your stew that smells so bad?
The creatures think it’s me that smells
And that makes me very sad.’

The big seal roared with laughter
‘It’s delicious cuttlefish stew
Boy it’s the best smell in the world
And you may have some too.’

Well after being so very rude
Sidney could not decline
The seals served him up a bowl
And Sidney thought it tasted fine

It was yummy, it was scrummy
A plate full of delight
At the end he burped so loud
He gave the seals quite a fright

And that’s the tale of Stinking Cove
And the slug that followed the clues
To prove it wasn’t him that smelt
In fact is was a stew

If you’d like to try a cuttlefish stew
Next time you’re at the beach
Keep you eyes peeled for cuttlefish bones
Just look down around your feet

If you find them follow the trail
To the cove where the seals dine
On yummy yet stinky cuttlefish stew
Washed down with a seaweed wine.

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This story has been written for the Twelve Stories Challenge. To take up the challenge and write your own piece of micro-fiction, click here.

If you’ve written a story for the twelve story challenge then I’d love to read it, so make sure you add your link to your story, in the comments below and thanks for joining in!

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