Blooming’ Update: The Grass Is Greener

At last we have a lawn! Almost ten tons of soil and a lot of hardwork later and the garden is levelled.

It’s wonderful to have grass outside again, although we can’t walk on it for another ten days or so.  Hence the leaves from the neighbours’ cherry tree have not yet been removed. Beany’s having trouble understanding why she can’t play on the ‘baby grass’, but I’m managing to distract her with Halloween craft projects and trips to the park or local gardens.


We decided not to go for a wildflower border instead we’re planted a hebe and a vinca minor to create a barrier on the steepest part of the bank. You can click on the links to see the varieties we chose. It’s only a small bank but the hebe will slow down any hurtling toddlers, soften the edge of the wooden raised beds and provide nectar for the bees when it flowers. The vinca will add colour and quick ground cover while the hebe is growing.



The back border to the right of the apple tree was going to be a small veg plot but instead I’m going to make it into a rose garden with the four rose bushes we’ve saved. The vegetables will now go in the raised border nearest the house, making them easier to manage and easier for Beany to help plant things with mummy.


We’ll be putting a small decking area in the back left hand corner for a bench as this corner gets the last of the evening sun in the summer. We are going to plant a Jasmine to climb up the trellis too, which is waiting patiently on the patio for us.


All the above shrubs and plants came for the Royal Horticultural Society  website as I wanted particular variants of the plants, and our garden centre didn’t necessarily have them. Garden centres sometimes don’t give you all of the information either and there are many many different types of vince, some which grow quite big and the same goes for here’s, a relation of the buddleja. I was very impressed with the packing and quality of the plants and they are bedding in well.

I’ll be back throughout next year with updates on how the garden is settling. For now, winter falls on the garden and the fat balls and seeds are out for the birds as the garden prepares itself for winter.

Have you attempted a garden makeover? I’d love to hear about it. Don’t forget to let me know below.


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