Memories Lost In The Digital Age

My aunt visited recently and brought with her a piece of family history:

Grandpas Note

This is a scan of a note from my grandfather telling my aunt that I had arrived in the world. My grandfather sadly died soon after and I never met him but this precious little piece of history will stay with us all forever and I wanted to share it.


Well, when Beany was born we sent texts and emails. There isn’t a note announcing her arrival. It makes me wonder what other memories will be lost in the digital age. This note has reminded me not to take the technology we have for granted, to return to pen and paper, make notes of life events and write each other letters. I recently started writing to my father each week instead of a ‘phone call and it’s encouraged me to write down the everyday little things and tell him about Beany and how she’s developing.

It’s a sober thought, that in a digital age, we may not have physical memories to pass onto our children but it’s important and I’m going to try harder.

I’d love to know what memories you treasure and perhaps any notes you have from loved ones long gone. Are you preserving your memories or will they be lost in the digital age?


7 thoughts on “Memories Lost In The Digital Age

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Such an interesting question! We don’t do those handwritten notes the way we used to, do we? It does make me wonder what future generations will make of us. I’m very glad you have that piece of history.

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  2. Mae Clair says:

    What a wonderful treasure to have! I cherish notes from relatives that have since passed on, even notes and letters from relatives I never knew. I should really try harder to write more of my own. Lovely post!

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    • writerdsnelson says:

      Thanks Mae. A few things have made me think again about the digital and virtual world we live in. I too need to try harder. It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote my pops a letter and it’s easy to get out of the habit of these things.

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  3. coldhandboyack says:

    A great point. Someday, our civilizations will be dug up and future scientists will have to draw conclusions about us from the debris that remains. How many things will be chocked up to folktales, because no record remains. You should read Kristen Lamb’s blog today about social media.

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    • writerdsnelson says:

      I’ll take a look. My mum always used to say she wondered if the archaeologists of the future would think we worshiped our children’s poo as we wrap it up in little parcels and bury it. Unsavoury I know but a thought! I tried to use reusables for as long as possible. I managed almost 18 months. That’s cut down on a few of those. Now I have to actually create the photo album for Beany’s first year I’ve been meaning to do for ages now!

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      • coldhandboyack says:

        I think we all started strong and slacked off. It gets harder with subsequent children. One gets an album, two gets a box of stuff to put in an album, three doesn’t stand a chance.

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