The Past Lives Of My Toddler

Many believe in an after life of some sort and some even believe in reincarnation. I’m fairly open-minded on the whole subject and the other day – as she develops her personality and starts to show me what she enjoys and what she doesn’t – I got to wondering who my toddler may have been in a previous life?

Henry VIII?

The whimsy of a toddler could be compared to many of our past monarchs but when watching my wee one eat breakfast this morning – a bowl of cereal, a plate of toast and a bowl of fruit – it reminded me somewhat of a Tudor banquet. The eating was only occasionally interrupted by a shout for something different or to move the plates around so they are in just the right order. Yes I have no hesitation in believing that Beany was once Tudor royalty.


Roger Vivier?

Beany’s first word was shoes. I kid you not. A renowned shoe designer, who brought us the stiletto, Roger Vivier was a man delighted by shoes. Perhaps the tiny toddler in my life designed shoes in her past life?

Roger Vivier Belle de Nuit Strass Navy PumpClarke Gable?

My toddlers lack of regard for my wishes astounds me on occasion. Her tantrums and dramatic turns, both amuse and frustrate. Surely she must have been an actor in a previous life? Clarke Gable perhaps, because if she could form a sentence Beany would definitely be saying ‘Frankly my dear I don’t give a …’

Gertrude Bell?

Persistent in her search for new experience and unchartered parts of the garden, Beany is a toddler that  wants to be out and about. She is not happy sitting and having a tea party with her dolls, oh no, Beany wants to explore. Her favourite phrase is ‘What’s this?’ This leads me to the conclusion that she may have been a pioneer of some kind. Perhaps Gertrude Bell, a spy and archeologist who explored and mapped many new lands.


Did my toddler have a previous life? Who knows. What I do know is, I’m really going to enjoy seeing who she turns out to be in this one.



4 thoughts on “The Past Lives Of My Toddler

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Whether or not there is reincarnation, it is absolutely fascinating to see how children’s personalities – their selves – develop, isn’t it? And now that she’s saying things, you have the more of a window into the way she thinks. 🙂

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