Helping The Planet One Step At A Time

New shoes are a pleasure which most find it hard to resist but when you have a toddler new shoes are a whole new ball game.

A real hot topic for my mum was footwear. She never ever let us wear fashion shoes – shoes with heels were the main no-no for her – and we always had Clarks. My husband’s mother was the same, only for him it was Start Rite. I didn’t always appreciate it at the time but I do now. My feet are healthy and this means as an adult I can wear what I want.

I want the same for Beany.

You are advised, by Clarks, to measure your toddler’s feet every six weeks. They are bound to have grown, trust me and at almost £30 a time for new shoes, it can get expensive, so I’ve found an alternative.

I bought a toddler shoe gauge from a well-known auction site. You can also get these direct from the shoe shops but I prefer to get anything plastic second-hand to avoid more plastic in land fill.

Clarks Foot Guage Screen Shot

Screen Shot From Clarks Website

I can now measure Beany’s feet  using the Clarks guide which you can download here, I enter the  measurements into the website and hey presto it tells me what size Beany’s feet are. I can then buy her second-hand Clarks or Start Rite shoes on that well-known auction site again, or in a lovely charity shop in Petersfield, that specialises in children’s clothes.

For less than the price of one pair of new shoes, Beany has shoes for walking up to the village park, sandals for the garden and wellies for a rainy day.

Of course she doesn’t need three pairs, you could save even more and just buy one pair but I bought these from our local charity shop and so it feels like I’m contributing in some way. Yes, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

The great thing is, they are in them for such a short period of time, if they are looked after then they can be sold on again; saving you even more money!

Beany loves her shoes. In fact her first word was, yes you’ve guessed it: ‘shoes’. She also loves to be out and about, regardless of the weatherShe will often bring a pair to me depending on what she wants to do. Sandals for the garden and shoes for a walk in the village. Alternatively she’ll just sit by the front door with her shoes until we go out somewhere.  I even find the wellies pushed in the bottom of the pram, I assume as a just in case. I swear this child has been here before!

One Step - New Shoes

Ultimately by buying second-hand I’m helping charities, my purse and of course the environment. I’m sure I’m not the first to discover this way of buying mini shoes but in my opinion it’s the best way and a way worth sharing, so we can all help the planet one step at a time.

Do you have a good idea for recycling, ways to save money and be a bit greener? I’d love to hear so don’t forget to let me know below!


4 thoughts on “Helping The Planet One Step At A Time

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I couldn’t agree more when it comes to children’s clothes. Buying from, and donating to, charity shops and other sources like that allows parents to save money, be a little more ‘green,’ and still dress their children comfortably and nicely. As you say, it’s not like an adult, who might own a pair of shoes for years.

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    • writerdsnelson says:

      Absolutely Margot although what I didn’t realise is this is a bit of a hot topic and there’s some controversy surrounding children and second-hand shoes. I think as long as you’re being sensible about, have the right size and the soles are in good order then you should be fine 🙂

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  2. coldhandboyack says:

    I remember the cost of athletic shoes when the boys got older. Baseball cleats, football shoes, wrestling shoes, trainers, etc. None of them get the mileage of daily shoes and all of them are expensive.

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  3. writerdsnelson says:

    This, will of course, be the next thing! Who knows what she’ll decide to take up as a hobby! When I was younger I did something every night of the week, it must have cost my parents a fortune and as a result I find it very hard to do nothing lol


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