Twelve Stories Challenge: June Prompt

This year I’m involved in an experiment set up by Sussex University called ‘Bees ‘n’ Beans’. It’s a project that hopes to measure the importance of bees in the pollination of plants, using bean plants; in this case broad beans.

I have been nurturing my beans and trying hard to keep to the rules of the study and so far all three plants are doing well. With summer upon us the beans are blooming and I thought what better cue for our June prompt.

June Prompt - Bean Plant

I often find inspiration from nature and in fact the second Blake Hetherington Mystery, ‘One For The Rook,’ is all about his allotment and the shady goings on behind shed doors.

Beans are most famously featured in the story of Jack And The Bean Stalk and your story can be as epic as the aforementioned fairytale, or simply have your main character sitting down to eat baked beans on toast. It’s entirely up to you how you include the prompt.

Heres what to do next:

  • Write a story of 1000 words or less
  • On the last day of the month I will post my story on the blog and on  my website, tweet and Facebook the link, and you can post a link to your story in the comments below either post.
  • By sharing our stories we can learn from each other, push ourselves outside our comfort zone and most importantly, have fun!

Good Luck!

Have fun.

See you at the end of the month.

For more information on the Twelve Stories Challenge, click here.


6 thoughts on “Twelve Stories Challenge: June Prompt

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, what an interesting prompt!!! And you’re quite right about the inspiration we can get from nature. I’ve even co-facilitated a workshop on that very topic (using nature as an inspiration for writing). *Busily rubs hands and starts thinking of story*

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