Make Do And Mend: Granny’s Old Champagne Glasses

A while a go I inherited some old champagne glasses that were my grandmother’s, when my aunt was clearing out her garage. It’s amazing what a garage holds other than a car. Our’s has gardening equipment, firewood, an old bookcase, buckets, sponges, old paint cans and many many other, un-car-like items. I’m not sure whether this is just an English occupation or if it’s international. I’d love to know. Anyway, I digress.

The champagne glasses, despite being good quality cut glass, were destined to go to a charity shop, or far worse the tip. Champagne bowl glasses have long been passed over for champagne flutes, although you can still buy extremely pricey versions of the champagne bowls. These glasses were a little bit of family history and I was sure I could repurpose them as dessert dishes.

They are not that big but they are the perfect size for a sweet treat after a large meal, when you’d like a dessert but can’t really manage a full sized one.

So, when the in-laws last visited I thought what better time to use them? I had a couple of bananas, that in this cold weather, were ripening far too quickly and needed eating up and I used a little A-Z recipe book I have on how to use up food, as inspiration.

I mashed two bananas with a splash of lemon juice and two 100ml greek honey yogurts. I mixed it all together and spooned it into the glasses. Six smashed digestive biscuits were divided between the glasses as topping and they went in the fridge for about an hour.

This made a really yummy dessert, used up food and repurposed Granny’s old champagne glasses. I think she’d be proud!

Granny's Champagne Glasses - with dessert


4 thoughts on “Make Do And Mend: Granny’s Old Champagne Glasses

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    What a terrific way to give new life to lovely glasses! And that dessert looks delicious! Oh, and about garages? No, I can say with assurance that putting odd things in a garage is an international custom, or at least not just English.

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