Make Do And Mend: Shoe Box, Book Box

As well as my virtual to be read list on Goodreads, I have a physical to be read list. It takes the form of a pile of books beside my bed.

This was annoying as it meant I couldn’t open the beside cupboard easily, so my husband put up some shelves we had that used to be in Beany’s room.

Shoe Box, Book Box - Shelf

They’re great but they are only small and I end up piling up the books precariously so that they are in danger of falling off in the night and scaring the bejesus out of me!

You may well ask, don’t you have a bookcase somewhere else? Well, yes I do but two things, it’s full and unless the to be read books are in a pile so I can see them, I get distracted and read something else.  It’s a terrible affliction!

I also have a bit of a thing about shoe boxes. I find it hard to throw them out, especially if they are a nice shape like the latest one I have from Haflinger. Perhaps that’s odd, who knows anyway as a result I have a stack of shoe boxes in the loft waiting for the moment Beany’s old enough to make dolls houses, miniature gardens and dioramas.

This time I decided instead of putting the box in the loft with the others I would put it to good use as a book box. Here’s how:

  • Remove the lid of the box.
  • Cover, inside and out, with wrapping paper or – in this case – scrap-book paper. I used double sided tape but you could use glue or whatever you have.
  • Decorate.
  • Stash your books.

This works so well as a book box. I can store the currently reading in the book box on the end of the bed and keep the to be read books on the shelf without danger of a nocturnal landslide resulting in a  cardiac arrest.

Now I’ve just got to read them all!

How do you store your books? Let me know if you give this project a go. I’d love to know. You don’t just have to us it for books, it’s a great storage solution for many things.



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