February’s Frosty

February drags its feet, the recalcitrant toddler among the twelve children of the year. December’s no longer interested in winter and February’s tantrums do not trouble August and its the far off sun.

A bitter frost demands our attention killing off the hopeful daffodils; the hellebores hang their heads in despair.

A crazy paving of ice, cuts off all sources of water. The birds wait patiently, feathers fluffed up against the cold, for the sun to awaken and thaw their next meal.

Beneath us the grass is frozen in time and our feet leave scars in the bright green. The shrubs in the border cling on to their dignity under the weight of frozen droplets.

At last the bright sun arrives to release the flora and fauna from its half-life.

February Garden - Sundial

We could so easily hibernate until spring arrives but the garden needs our encouragement to thrive. The birds need food, the ice needs breaking for water and dead foliage must be collected for the nests that will house new life. Rise up from your winter slumber. Get ready to greet the spring.

We’d love to know how your garden is doing at this time of year, so don’t forget to let us know below!


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