The January Garden: Heavenly Hellebores

In the midst of winter the clouds hang heavy in the sky with empty threats of snow. Instead a month’s worth of rain falls in a week and the ground is boggy underfoot.

Moss grows on the concrete path, lying in wait for the unsuspecting gardener with inadequate footwear.

January Garden - Moss path

Hellebores, a little earlier this year, stretch their petals drowsy from a year long sleep. Splashes of purple and green cheering in the boarders waiting for the snowdrops to join them if they dare.

Animals huddle in the hedgerows, waiting for the winter to pass and a new home can be found for little ones. We’re hoping the new bird box will have some residents this year.

January Garden - bird box

The bird seed in the feeders needs extra monitoring as hungry mouths need help to get through the winter. Robins, wrens, blackbirds, finches, blue tits, great tits, magpies and rooks all visit the garden. The two resident pigeons, fat with fluffed feathers wait for their share to be placed on the sundial. A squirrel watches from the garage roof guttering, spotting its opportunity.

January Garden - Tree Feeder

Inside we can only watch as the cold wind blows and the rain continues. A time for puzzles, Duplo, hot chocolate and cartoons. This is winter.

January Garden - Beany by the door

We’d love to know how your garden is doing at this time of year, so don’t forget to let us know below!


2 thoughts on “The January Garden: Heavenly Hellebores

    • writerdsnelson says:

      Thank you Margot. I do try to be a bit more flowery with my writing when I do these posts; get it 😉 the cardi is a hand knitted gift from grandma and has come in very handy this winter! You can’t beat a knitted cardi 🙂

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