Toyella & Rubbabu!

When I buy toys for Beany I try to make sure they do three things:

  • Encourage imaginative play.
  • Are made ethically, with the environment and those making the toys in mind.
  • They will last.

So you can imagine I was delighted when I discovered an online toy store that focussed on these three aims. Their name is Toyella and as a family run business they have children and the environment in mind when choosing which toys to stock.

There are so many wonderful toys on Toyella’s website that I’m just going to let you check them out here, but I wanted to tell you about, Rubbuba balls.

Toyella - Rolling Rubbabu Balls

Rubbuba are also a family run business and, in line with Toyella’s goals, they produce natural fibre toys that are durable and ethically made.

Rubbuba do a range of balls which are great fun for many ages. Beany loves to bounce them, roll them and chase them around the nursery, as we throw them to her.

Toyella - Bouncing Rubbabu Balls

as you can see, the camera had trouble focusing, she was having so much fun.

These toys will last a long time and they really are tough but not too tough for little hands. They also encourage sensory learning through the different shapes, textures and colours of the balls. The yellow ball spins like a top, which Beany loves to watch and then have a go at spinning herself.

The only downside is they are not cheap. They are between £7 and £9 a ball, but I think they are worth it for the product you are getting: environmentally friendly, ethical, promoting imaginary play, great for young and old and they’re collectable so make great presents. The suggested age range is 0-10 years and if they last this long – much longer than most toys at Beany’s age – that’s less than £1 a year. These were Beany’s Christmas present from us I can see she’s going to have years of fun out of them.

Toyella - Beany and Rubbabu Balls




4 thoughts on “Toyella & Rubbabu!

    • writerdsnelson says:

      That’s kind but I assure you we make our mistakes too. I should have said one of the other qualifiers is inedible lol. The biscuit tins and the home made rice shakers are favourites of Beany’s too. Sometimes not spending very much is just as good.


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