Sleeping On Silk

As regular readers will know, earlier in the year we invested in a new mattress. I had thought about getting a topper at the time to give the mattress a bit of extra protection and us a little extra comfort but as yet I had not got around to doing anything about it. When Silk Bedding Direct offered to send me a mulberry silk mattress topper to try out, how could refuse?

Silk bedding is often seen as a luxury so what was so special about it? This was my opportunity to see.

The mattress topper from Silk Bedding Direct was delivered via Amazon and arrived quickly and well packed in recyclable packaging.  A definite plus! The topper itself came in a carry case that protects the topper if you’re not using it.

Silk Mattress Topper - Case

The feel of the topper is wonderfully soft and light and it’s so easy to fit with simple elastic loops on each corner that loop around the corners of the mattress.

I noticed the difference immediately. The buttons on our mattress annoy me, my husband will confirm that I am a bit of a princess and the pea when it comes to sleeping and if something isn’t right I know about it. The topper creates a lovely soft sleeping surface between me and mattress, which immediately stop the buttons pushing into me as I slept. That’s worth it in itself!

Silk Mattress Topper - Mattress and Topper

Choosing a mulberry silk mattress topper also means you get some excellent advantages. They are hypoallergenic and silk is an environment that dust mites don’t like to live in. Because the silk is a natural fibre it’s also breathable and can regulate temperature, allowing heat to escape when it’s warm and trap heat in the cold.

Silk Mattress Topper - Care Label

They are super easy to care for, only requiring a few hours in the sunlight two or three times a year. The only slight disadvantage is if they do need cleaning you’re going to have to dry clean it, but I think this is the case with most quality bedding.

Having never tried mulberry silk bedding before I was intrigued as to whether or not there really was a difference but for me there certainly is. The husband always complains when we put the winter duvet on as he overheats, but because the silk works with the body to help regulate temperature, it keeps me a bit warmer and my husband a bit cooler. It also protects our lovely new mattress which has got to be a good thing and will mean the mattress lasts longer.

If you’re thinking about investing in a mattress topper and want something that’s natural, well made and adds an extra layer of comfort then I would have no problem recommending Silk Bedding Direct.

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite 😉

Silk Mattress Topper - on the mattress


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