The Visitors Book

Some of you will also know that I write murder mysteries; specifically, The Blake Hetherington Mysteries. Blake is a gentleman in modern times; a milliner with mystery solving thrust upon him and he solves cases with his two friends, Delilah, an enthusiastic archaeologist with an unhealthy interest in murder, and DS Rob Claringdon her beau.

The next mystery, The Visitors Book, is a short story and it’s absolutely free! Yes you read correctly; free!

So what’s it all about?


The Visitors Book Cover Final

‘Whilst visiting his family in Devon, Blake Hetherington is supposed to be relaxing, but murder just seems to follow him. Picking up the paper in the Bellevue Hotel, he discovers the local mayor has died in a fishing accident. The mayors’ wife is a family friend and is convinced her husband has been murdered. It isn’t long before Blake is tasked with unravelling the mystery. Why would a man concerned with the environment be catching sea bass out of season? What’s an environmental student doing booking a room in an expensive spa hotel like The Bellevue? And what was the meeting about in the hotel conference room? The Visitors Book holds the key but can Blake unlock the truth?’

It’s the perfect chance to meet Blake and find out what he’s all about. Starting December 14th, it’s a newsletter exclusive and I’d love to share it with you so don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter below:



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