Bloomin’ Update: Dark November

As the end of storm Abigail rattles at the windows, I lose track of time as the half-light of November disrupts the human body clock.

Outside nature is running out of resources. A few apples remain, some already rotten, some half eaten and seed heads have been picked clean.

November Bloomin Update - eaten apple

The patio patch is a wasteland the only remaining plant; a brussel sprout, valiantly growing tiny brussels against all the odds. I have watched every evening as a little mouse comes and takes the very last of its leaves without the heart to chase it away. A little mouse needs the sustenance far more than I.

November Bloomin Update - Brussel sprout plant

Euonymus creates false sunshine and beneath it, in the undergrowth, bugs burrow and find a hole for the coming winter; the bug hotel is booked up for this season.

The crackle of bonfires, the smell of smoke on the breeze reminds us to tidy away the debris of autumn and hunker down for the winter.

It’s a time to be present, forget about the heady days of summer, don’t think about the coming cold winds. Put your feet up and enjoy a cuppa.

November Bloomin Update - teapot

I’d love to hear what’s growing in your garden this month, so don’t forget to let me know below and share your pictures with us on Instagram.

Happy Gardening Peeps.

Toodle Pip


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