Greengages and Green Cords #BuyLocal

Those of you who know me and follow the blog regularly know that I am also a murder mystery writer. I also love creativity and therefore I can’t resist a good craft fair. What a great way to combine the two than by having a stall at a craft fair to sell my books and talk murder mystery and intrigue to, well, anyone who’ll listen.

Table Hayling Island Craft Fair

While I’m at these craft fairs I also get to discover some great locally made produce and gifts, and meet some lovely fellow creatives.

Yesterday I went to a craft fair on Hayling Island, about forty minutes from me, organised by Michelle from, Fromthe Craftbox fairs. These are really well organised fairs with tea and coffee for visitors and a carefully managed balance of stalls, so there’s not too much of one thing.

I found a wonderful jam and chutney stall run by Cate Kelly from Yumm. She doesn’t have a website of a Facebook page, which in itself is refreshing, but what she does have is some delicious jams and chutneys all made with home-grown or locally sourced produced.

Greengage and Cinamon Jam

I picked up a jar of Greengage and Cinnamon jam, just amazing on a toasted teacake.

Right next door to me was Dani from Handmade by Dani. She makes childrens’ clothes. Well, how could I resist. I had to take these little green apple print cords home for Beany, who is now crawling like a mad woman around the house and needs warm, well made trousers for her adventures! I just think they are so cute.

Apple Print Cords

I also ordered a little smock top for her in a beautiful fox print that I again could not resist; it was a dangerous place to sit. The clothes are beautifully made and the top stitching? I think Patrick from the Great British Sewing Bee, would think it was rather good.

There were many other stalls there to explore and if you’re near a Fromthe CraftBox event, then be sure to check them out, it’s well worth it.

I’d love to know what you’ve been buying locally recently, so don’t forget to let me know in the comments  below…

Over the next month or so there may be some radio silence on the blog. I’ve been working hard on my mystery writing, so the blogging may go a bit by the wayside. Apologies in advance for this. Normal service will be resumed asap.


4 thoughts on “Greengages and Green Cords #BuyLocal

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    It all sounds lovely! And those cords are too adorable! I think those local craft fairs are wonderful places to meet people, sell your books, and find some great new products. The fact that they’re not generally huge means you can really talk to people, too; it’s not masses of large crowds.

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  2. Kate Lewis says:

    I must apologise for not being able to stop and chat for long, as I’m sure you’ll remember I was dashing after my dear little one, yesterday. However, I must say how much I admire your blog and especially your kind words of support to our local crafters. I’ve ‘bean’ browsing Pinterest in an attempt to create an advent calendar with homemade flair!


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