Just One Thing: Reduce Food Waste

It’s November! It’s time for a new Just One Thing challenge.

Reducing food waste is a big thing for me. There are so many that have so little in the world, I want to make sure that what I am so lucky to have isn’t wasted. This is difficult when you have a ten month old who’s sporadically fussy, the freezer is often packed full of baby meals and convenience food is an easy lure.

With the announcement from Morrisons that they will be working with the charity Foodcycle and donating surplus back-of-store food to community lunches, is very welcome. So this month’s ‘Just One Thing’ is all about saving water. Regular readers of the blog will know that I’ve set this challenge before but I think every now and then we need to check in on ourselves to make sure we’re still doing the best we can. Here’s what you can do to join in:


  • Start to plan your meals. I have many, many recipe books and a chalk board in the kitchen, where I can plan out our meals for the week. The husband likes this too because if he gets home when I’m putting Beany to bed he can get on with cooking whatever is on the board. Bonus!
  • Don’t forget you can stretch best before dates. These are just a best before not a use by, but do be sensible about it. If you’ve grown yourself a new life form I probably isn’t edible anymore.

Just One Thing - Recipe Books


  • Vegetable peelings and other natural biodegradable waste like cardboard can be recycled in a wormery or compost heap. We have a wormery which is overwintering in the garage at the moment and so far I’ve got some great liquid fertiliser from it.
  • Help cut down on supermarket waste and pick up some bargains at the same time. Leave a couple of nights unplanned on your menu, get inventive and have a look in the reduced section of your local convenience store of supermarket.
  • Find new ways to use up your leftovers with soups and stews.

Just One Thing - Wormery


  • Clear out your cupboards and organise them so that you can see exactly what you have in them. This will help when you’re planning menus as I often find we go for the same types of meals and therefore I probably already have what I need at the back of a cupboard.
  • Stock rotate your food. Put the things that need eating up first to the front of the fridge or cupboard.
  • If you have too much of something that’s getting close to a best before date then why not donate extra food to a food bank. Hey, you could do this anyway. Next time you’re in the supermarket buy an extra can to donate.

How did you get on with last months challenge? It’s still important to remember to turn the lights off and monitor our energy use, especially now the days are getting shorter so don’t forget to keep checking as well as picking up a new habit, to save water,  in October. That way each month you’ll have a new greener habit that will help the planet and save money.

If you have anymore suggestions for this challenge, easy ways to save water or a super advanced level, we’d love to know, so don’t forget to let us know below…


4 thoughts on “Just One Thing: Reduce Food Waste

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I’m with you on preventing food waste, and you have some fabulous ideas for doing that. As you say, a little thinking and planning goes a long way towards cutting down on waste and on supermarket expenses. One thing I’ve found is that it helps to buy in bulk, if you have the space, and then cut things down to meal-size portions and same them that way. I’ve also found, like you, that the right kind of meal can make use of little bits of things. Omelets, stir-fry meals, certain soups, and stews can be a cook’s best friend when there are various bits of things left over that you don’t want to waste.

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