Bloomin’ Update: October Prepares

Autumn is in full swing in the sundial garden as the flowers fade, the trees lose their leaves and the last of the fruits of summer are picked by hungry creatures, storing reserves for the coming winter.

The garden is alive with the sound of preparation. Bees buzz a little quieter as their pollen heavy flowers dry up, Rooks noisily stake a claim to their roosts in the rookery, the buzzard shouts at the bare ground and the blackbird cackles a startle cry; the shrubs no longer provide cover.

Bloomin Update October - Time To Feed The Birds

The Acer is ablaze with autumn foliage, not to be outdone by next door’s cherry tree, the glowing yellow of the shedding hibiscus or the bright flower heads of the sedum.

On the allotment it is the hour of the root vegetable and the pumpkin is king. In the sundial garden the last of the apples provide much-needed sustenance for wildlife and the bird feeders have now joined them on the tree.

The nights are drawing in and the temperature has dropped. Come dusk the hooting of owls drifts on the cold breeze and a fox’s bark cuts through the icy air.

The heavier duvet is out of the cupboard, the heaters are on and Beany needs a sleep suit to keep her snuggled up tight at night.

It’s a time for warm crusty bread, vegetable soup, crumbles and pie with the last of the summer’s bounty.

I’d love to hear what’s growing in your garden this month, so don’t forget to let me know below and share your pictures with us on Instagram.

Happy Gardening Peeps.

Toodle Pip


4 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Update: October Prepares

    • writerdsnelson says:

      Thank you Margot. Autumn is my favourite time of year. I often find myself writing my stories in this season too and it’s a challenge to write in another season. I just don’t find Summer as interesting :-/

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  1. Pip says:

    Oooh that post was gorgeous, and it’s made me want to make pumpkin soup and get under a heavy blanket! We’re planting foxgloves and a whole selection of bulbs in our work garden at the moment, home balcony is looking somewhat sad though!


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