Just One Thing: Save Water

Can you believe it’s October already? The nights are drawing in, it’s getting colder and the trees are turning all kinds of golden.

This month I have resolved to take up the challenge to go without my washer for a week, to see if it really does save water and energy. So this month’s ‘Just One Thing’ is all about saving water. Here’s what you can do to join in:


  • When brushing your teeth, turn the taps off in between rinsing your brush.
  • Try having a four-minute shower. I do this myself and it’s more than enough time. You can even get a free egg timer from your water board to help you do this.
  • When preparing vegetables, turn the tap off in between scrubbing them and rinsing them.
  • Wash your clothes less often.  If you’ve got into the habit of putting your shirts, jeans, tops in the wash after just one wear then take a rain check. If clothes aren’t dirty, they don’t need washing. Not only will you save water but they’ll last longer.
  • Make sure you are putting in a full load of washing each time you do wash. Check your washing machine manual to see what a full load is. For ours it’s 5kg. That’s a lot of dirty clothes.
  • Why not help support charities that preserve water and help get it to the people in most need. Water Aid is a UK-based charity doing just this.

Save Water - Washing On The Line


  • Check around the house for any leaking pipes or taps that are wasting water, and fix them. If you’re not confident with doing this yourself, make sure you get a plumber.
  • Insulate water pipes so that hot water gets to your taps, hot.
  • Grow plants in your garden that are drought resistant, meaning you won’t have to water them as much. When you do water your plants, make sure you water your plants early or late in the day to prevent the water evaporating in the sun.
Image courtesy of 123rf.com by Volker Von Domarus

Image courtesy of 123rf.com by Volker Von Domarus


  • Use washing up water and bath water to water the garden plants, when you’re done with it.
  • Collect rain water in a water-butt and for use later on the garden.

Save Water - Garden Water Butt

How did you get on with last months challenge? It’s still important to remember to turn the lights off and monitor our energy use, especially now the days are getting shorter so don’t forget to keep checking as well as picking up a new habit, to save water,  in October. That way each month you’ll have a new greener habit that will help the planet and save money.

If you have anymore suggestions for this challenge, easy ways to save water or a super advanced level, we’d love to know, so don’t forget to let us know below…


2 thoughts on “Just One Thing: Save Water

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Where I live, water is at a premium, so things like short showers, turning taps off between rinses, and things like that are second nature to a lot of people. I completely agree with you about filling up loads of laundry, too. You use less detergent that way, too, which is good for the environment (even if you do use eco-friendly detergent). If you have a dishwasher, it’s the same thing. You don’t need to do a load of dishes until the dishwasher is full.

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