By The Light Of The Blood Moon

Did you see it? I did, but only thanks to the fact that I am afflicted with an internal clock that means if I happen to think of a time before I go to sleep I can wake up, at that time.

A blood moon is a rare event that occurs when a super moon, that’s the one time in the year when the moon is nearest the Earth, and a lunar eclipse, that’s when the Earth’s shadow eclipses the moon, combine to make a blood-red or coppery coloured moon.

The event was schedule to happen at 3.11am; 2.45am I woke up, not intentionally, but because I had it in my head before went to sleep that it was going to happen. I was awake, it was a beautiful clear night, I live in a village with no street lights and there was no reason for me to miss this.

It didn’t disappoint, it was beautiful, a truly amazing natural sight and I am so glad, for once, that I have the ability to wake up when I need to. The moon called and I woke I shall leave you to interpret that sentence 😉

I took a very shaky picture of it with my DSLR and telephoto lens. It’s hard to hold the lens still and not create vibration and I don’t have a suitable tripod. Certainly not one I was willing to have a go at putting together at three in the morning. The photo is not even close to an astronomers view or a picture taken by a professional, but it gives you an idea.

Blood Moon

I know right, it looks like a little headlight in the sky? Well there’re some better pictures here if you click on the link.

It was worth waking up for.

Did you see the blood moon? Did you get a picture of it? Don’t forget to let me know below 🙂


6 thoughts on “By The Light Of The Blood Moon

  1. carolinehounsell says:

    Didn’t see it, I’m afraid, that was one of the few periods of time when the twins were actually asleep last night – and so were we. It was a lovely, strong moon, though


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