5 Free Water Saving Devices

A few weekends ago we went to our village show. As well as the usual displays of fruit, vegetables, craft and baked products there were local businesses there.

One of these businesses was our water provider, Portsmouth Water. I may have mentioned before that our village has a serious flooding problem but thankfully, at the beginning of the year, the local authority began work on installing a large drainage pipe under the road, that will run through the village to alleviate the problem.

Portsmouth Water

Portsmouth water are taking advantage of the situation and carrying out some much-needed repairs to the water pipes beneath the road. They were there to tell us all about it and also give us some great water saving tips and devices! For free! I know, free!

The display by Portsmouth Water shows that sixty years ago we were a lot more frugal with water and if you’re on a water meter then you are probably still looking for ways to save money on your water bills. It’s not always the case  but sometimes I think we could learn a lot about how to live more sustainably by looking at how we used to do things.

Portsmouth Water History

So, without further ado, here’s five free water savers available form Portsmouth Water

  1. A four-minute timer to time your shower so you don’t waste water.
  2. An inflatable bath water saver that displaces the water around it, saving up to 30% of the water you would normally use.
  3. A flush saver that, again, displaces water so that you use less water when flushing the toilet.
  4. A two-minute timer for brushing teeth. Great for helping little ones learn to brush their teeth, but don’t forget to turn the tap off in between brushing.
  5. A water saving shower head, so you can not only use the timer to spend less time in the shower, but use less water too! It also saves energy, so that’s a double whammy!


If you’re a customer of Portsmouth water you can order your free water savers here.  I’ve had a little look and I think most water companies provide these devices free, so make sure you check out their websites, or give them a ring and ask. You too could be saving water, energy and money and it won’t cost you a penny!

I think this is a great scheme. Great for the environment, great for the water companies and great for the customers. We’ve put ours to use straight away.

Shower head

A four-minute shower is more than enough time to wash you hair and other essentials. To be honest, if you have a little on like me, you’re lucky to get four minutes! the shower head doesn’t actually feel any different to the one we had before as the new head is bigger, distributing the water over a larger area. We have a gravity fed shower so I was a bit worried it would be good enough but it’s great!

Beany loves her pirate treasure island, bath water saver and Paddy feels right at home in the bottomless lagoon. It really does save water as our bath is very deep and it’s difficult to strike the balance between enough water to bath Beany in and not wasting too much.

Do you have any water saving tips? We’d love to hear them, so don’t forget to let us know below!


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