Zero Waste Week 2015

…nothing new, reuse.

Today begins a week of reducing waste as part of Zero Waste Week. Of course, we shouldn’t restrict ourselves to reducing waste for just one week a year, it should be an ongoing effort, however, for those of you who would like to start zeroing in on your household waste, this is a good place to start.

Click here for National Zero Waste week 2015

Zero Waste Week was created by Rachelle Strauss and this is the eighth year it’s been running

This year’s theme is to reuse: recycle old clothes, shop in charity shops, use up your leftovers, sell it at a car boot. These are some ideas on the Zero Waste website, and to see what other zero wasters are up to, the zero waste ambassadors can be found here.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

For a week, I’m going to use up the food in our freezer and store cupboards, without buying anything new. I’m sure we have enough for me to get inventive. I did a supermarket shop last week, so we have some things in the freezer left over from that and lots of pulses and grains in the store cupboards. I also have a great little book, I picked up at the Weald and Downland Food and Folk Festival, courtesy of West Sussex Council, entitled ‘Eat Well, Waste Less’, which has some great idea for using leftovers in it. If we do need any extras, and I mean essentials for Bean if she needs fresh fruit or veg, I will try to buy things that are packaging free.

Here’s some pictures of my store cupboards, fridge and freezer at the moment:

As  you can see, they are well stocked, although the fresh veg rack is looking pretty sad. I have no bread either, but in the cupboards there’s bread flour and yeast so I can make my own! I think this will be a good exercise as I’m sure there is food in that cupboard that needs eating up. If there is any waste food, I will put everything I can in the wormery. Any packaging, that can be reused, in recycling.

There are lots of other things you can do from getting inventive with leftovers to choosing products without biodegradable packaging.

Pip, over at A Refuge For Daffodils, has some great ideas on how to cut down on plastic waste in your bathroom. You can read her post and check out her lovely blog here.

I’ll complete a post later in the month to let you know how I got on and share some of the meals we had.

I’d love to know if you’re doing something for Zero Waste Week, no matter how small, it all adds up, so don’t forget to let me know below


8 thoughts on “Zero Waste Week 2015

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I really like the idea of using leftover food, rather than let it go to waste. We try to do that, too. Another food-related thing I do is to look for foods with as little packaging as I can, so that that doesn’t go to waste. For instance, at least where I live, you can buy larger packages of, say, chicken (or better yet, a whole chicken), cut it all down to meal-size portions, and store in reusable sturdy containers rather than waste all that plastic. Saves me money, saves on the use of plastic, and saves on waste.


  2. Rachelle Strauss says:

    Thanks for sharing your plans for zero waste week. I’m looking forward to seeing what meals you create. Pasta salad for us tonight, using up all those little bits of things in the ‘fridge 🙂


    • writerdsnelson says:

      Thanks Rachelle, and thanks for facilitating Zero Waste Week. I’ve been doing a bit of planning this afternoon and it’s amazong what you discover at the back of the cupboard. Some of them will be straight forward ready made meals that are already in the freezer but other’s I’ll have to get a bit creative. We have no baked beans in but we have canned tomatoes and cannellini beans so I’m going to have a go at making my own verison 🙂


  3. Pip says:

    Thanks for the link and may I also say, an excellent post – I love noseying in other people’s kitchens! I’m planning on the kitchen being my next room that gets the zero waste week treatment.

    I’m so jealous of people with proper freezers – we just have a tiny freezer shelf at the top of an under-counter fridge (the joys of tiny London flat living!).


  4. writerdsnelson says:

    Thanks Pip and you’re welcome. We were very lucky, because this one was left in the house we bought, and it was virtually brand new! I couldn’t do without the freezer, it’s a must if you have a little bean you’re making food for.


  5. Annie Powell says:

    You had great plans for the Zero Waste Week! I hope that you have succeeded and did everything as planned! I am very happy that people around me also took this very seriously and had great goals for the week! I am a green thumb and I set goals like these ones the whole year long. I am really happy to read about people who care about recycling and reusing waste! Thanks for sharing!


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