Carbon Neutral Nirvana?

Electric vehicles boost climate ‘nirvana’ in the Himalayas – BBC News


4 thoughts on “Carbon Neutral Nirvana?

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    There’s interesting research suggesting that our dependence on fossil fuels won’t be sustainable for many more generations. Among many things, this means (at least to me!) that now is the time to develop new technologies that don’t depend on fossil fuels. They may seem a little mad now, but that’s how major new developments start – as slightly mad ideas.


    • writerdsnelson says:

      To me it speaks volumes about how an ideology can have a profound affect on the earth. The Bhutanese ideology naturally preserves life and I think we can learn a lot from this. The problem is the people in power here, do not value this ideology. They value consumerism and capitalism above the planet. The online book club I belong to (The Sustainable Book Club) is reading Naomi Klein’s ‘This Changes Everything’. It’s a really shocking read and it’s making me angry. There’s so much more we can do. I’m guilty of it myself when it comes to cost prohibitive changes. For example we are changing the windows on our house and the cost of replacing them with wooden ones is cost prohibitive….there are other things you can do to balance it, of course but that’s a post for another day. 🙂

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      • Margot Kinberg says:

        Oh, I know just what you mean. It is all about what a society values. Even stepping aside a moment from sustainability, consider what sells and doesn’t sell when it comes to what people read and what publishers accept or don’t. Publishers are in business to sell books. I respect that. A company that makes transportation is in business to sell that transportation. I respect that too. But if earning money is more important than doing the right thing (selling well-written books, even they don’t start out as million-sellers; or working on truly sustainable transportation), then those values percolate down, if I can put it that way. And people may not even be aware of what they’re supporting with their money. Grrr…

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