Bank Holiday Tipple

I thought I’d share the results of the Damson wine brewing, with you. Six months had  passed since the bottling of the aforementioned wine in February, the bank holiday arrived  and it was time to try the goods.

Damson Wine and Glasses

I have never tried making my own wine before and this was certainly a learning curve. I have little to compare it with other than a few friends’  home brews, who will remain anonymous, suffice to say the bar was low. Sorry guys, that was paint stripper. So, I held my breath and took a sip of what I whole heartedly assumed would be, rough.

Lets start with the colour. It’s got an amazing ruby glow about it. Warm and inviting. Thick legs suggested this might be a strong wine and the first sip confirmed this. It was not as sweet as I thought it might be, instead a warming and a pleasant taste akin to a cheap red table wine, did not altogether disappoint. The bitter after taste wasn’t as bitter as I thought it might have been.

Have I sold it to you?

The husband’s verdict:  A fruity nose, with a medium body and quite dry.

I told him to stop talking about me like that…

I’d love to know if you’ve tried brewing your own beer or wine and if there are any recipes you’d recommend?  I had great fun making this one and it’s not bad stuff. Good job really considering there’s four more bottles of it in the kitchen.


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