Eco-Friendly BBQ Makeover

As I type the sun is shining, for the moment, and when it does it’s perfect barbecue weather. We only have a tiny fold away barbecue and it has done the job fine for the seven years we’ve had it, but it would be nice to have a larger barbecue to have family meals on in the summer as Bean gets older. So when I found out Blogging Edge was holding a competition to win a barbecue from Direct Stoves, I was inspired. The competition is called Style Your Space, and the aim is to restyle a part of your garden where you would have a barbecue and if you win you win a new barbecue. Great!

I haven’t been able to get out in the garden and actually tidy it for quite a while. The patio patch is about all I can manage with little Bean to occupy me and the intermittent heavy rain this summer means chances are few and far between. Whilst it was raining outside I did a little pinning on Pinterest to get some ideas for the makeover and some yummy things we might eat on the barbecue this summer.

Pinterest Board via D S Nelson

Now, I’m not a designer by any means but I thought it would be fun to try and keep it eco-friendly and makeover a little corner of the garden, without buying anything new. There’s lots and lots of things in the garage that could be upcycled and plenty of plants that are becoming overgrown and can be moved around.

At last the sun shone and off I went…

In the garage I found a old outdoor clock that had lost its hands, a metal tea pot, half a pot of varnish, some storm lanterns, a dilapidated bug box and wooden wind chime that was falling apart.

This was the area before the make over:

This is the perfect spot, next to the patio patch for fresh veg and near the cottoneaster that I just love in the spring and summer as it’s always abuzz with bees. There is also a little wildlife pond hiding under the mallow and it has a little solar fountain when it’s cleaned out.

I started by completely destuffing the greenhouse and moved it across. I then sanded it down and revarnished it. I took down the hanging basket which is now long done and replaced it with the little teapot above the ‘If In Doubt Brew Up Sign’. I’d like to put a petunia in the teapot but that would mean going and buying one and that wasn’t the idea this time. I haven’t made up my mind what to move to put in it yet, but I love the shadow it throws on the wall.

Eco-Friendly BBQ Makeover - Teapot

Next I dug up some of the alpine strawberries that are growing out of control in one of the borders, and replanted them in a pot that was hiding in the greenhouse. I dusted off the bug box and put some old bark in it to create a little bug hotel. I love making spaces for nature in the garden.

I then I weeded the border next to the wildlife pond and cleaned that out a bit. I moved some pulmonaria from another border to beside the butler sink pond, before planting up the standing basket with a bit of a fern from the back border that had got too big. I made a feature with the broken wind chime and this is also a great place for spiders and bugs to live as the bamboo is hollow.

Finally I upcycled the old clock…

Eco-Friendly BBQ Makeover - Clock after

Our little barbecue space is ready to go and  I’m looking forward to family barbecues, when the sun makes an apperance. As you can see from the photo, our current barbecue is woefully inadequate so fingers crossed we win the competition.

Eco-Friendly BBQ Makeover - After

There are many ways you can make sure your barbecue is eco-friendly; sustainable charcoal, charity shop plates and organic locally bought food. There’s a great article here, all about it.

This is my entry to the Blogging Edge, Style Your Space competition. If you’d like to enter, you can do so here.

Do you have a special outdoor space? We’d love to hear about it, so don’t forget to let us know, below.


5 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly BBQ Makeover

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, that’s a lovely space! It’s a winning entry if you ask me! And I love it that you made it such an eco-friendly space as well. Barbecued food is delicious, too, and good for you. We love it too because it keeps the heat of cooking out of the kitchen.


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