A New Cereal To Keep You Going

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if I’m honest, before I had beany, I did not have breakfast. I now cannot go without it; mainly because to get through a whole day running around after an eight-month-old, you need fuel.

By far the quickest breakfast to prepare and eat is cereal or, of course, fruit. I’ve never been a really big fruit eater so cereal it was. This opened up a whole new world for me. What to choose?

Over the last eight months I have moved between Ready Brek and Weetabix. These seem to be the two cereals that get me through until lunchtime. When the guys at Keep Me Going contacted me and offered to send me a couple of boxes of their new cereal to try out, I was intrigued.

Keep Me Going is a UK-based company that has a developed a whole grain cereal with reduced sugar, low salt and a low Glycemic Index (GI); 50 to be precise, that’s low. To compare, Weetabix is 69.

Keep Me Going

So what’s GI? GI is a rating for carbohydrates and shows how quickly a food will effect your blood sugar level. A high Gi does not make a food unhealthy but it’s a useful indication, particularly for people suffering from conditions such as diabetes. You can find out more, here.

Keep Me Going is not a cereal from one of the large cereal companies, it’s a new company trying to produce something different:

Screen Shot from Keep Me Going website

Screen Shot from Keep Me Going website

This was not an easy task and the company have spent a long time formulating the product. Now it’s available via Ocado they want to know how it stands up beside the big names in cereal. Here goes:

Portion Size:

For the first few days I poured myself the recommended 30g of cereal with about 100ml of Almond milk. This is about 170 calories. This did not get me through until lunch time though. Several loads of washing, hoovering, feeds and changes later and I was hungry by about eleven. I upped the portion to 50g with the almond milk, so that made about 250 calories. This did get me through very comfortably. The amount of sugar in this portion is 4.5g and the salt is 0.1g.

Keep me Going 30g portion

So how does that compare to the cereals I usually eat?

Ready Brek, with 1 tablespoon of sugar = 230 calories (0g sugar in the Ready Brek but12g of added sugar, and no salt.)

Weetabix, with 1 tablespoon of sugar = 260 calories (3.4 g sugar in theWeetabix and 12g of added sugar, and 0.1g salt.)

Now, clearly I am not comparing like for like, these are all very different cereals, but they all profess to be healthy. I add sugar to the Ready Brek and Weetabix as I find it lacks taste without it, however I did not find I needed to add sugar to Keep Me Going, (see below). Granted, Ready Brek has no salt and sugar, but this is no good if I feel the need to add sugar to it.


When I saw the cereal, dry in the bowl, I was not expecting to like it. However, the taste is malty and I was pleasantly surprised; I really enjoyed it. It also tastes good dry so makes a good snack to get me through that hungry gap, where I put Beany to bed before having dinner.

Keep me Going 30g portion with almond milk

The husband didn’t like it so much but he when he added it to another cereal, he enjoyed it and it made his breakfast, overall, a little healthier.

Baby Beans had some mushed up with her milk and some fruit puree and loved it. I would say this needs to be for baby’s in at least stage two of weaning as it is still texture and not a smooth puree when mushed with milk, see below.


The texture is quite hard. If you leave it in the bowl with milk for a while it does not soften that much, which is great if you get distracted by a baby bean but not so great if you want to mush it down to feed the aforementioned bean.

Some More General Thoughts:

What we liked

  • The malty taste
  • It does Keep You Going
  • Each packet comes with flag trading cards, a perfect way to entertain your beans and get them interested in the world and different countries
  • It’s a UK business
  • All the packaging is recycled and recyclable
  • The price. Considering this is a new brand without the finances of the larger companies, £2.65 is a very competitive price
  • It makes a good snack

Keep Me Going Trading Cards

What we did not like

  • The cereal itself is not yet made in the UK. The farms are European, but Keep Me Going do source grains for the cereal from local farmers, not more than about forty miles from the factory, which supports local business and reduces carbon footprints. This may change in the future as Keep Me Going are looking into UK options for production.
  • As I said before the husband wasn’t so keen on the taste. He couldn’t say what it was exactly, just that he wouldn’t have a large bowl of it, instead he’d mix it in with something else.
  • It doesn’t mush down easily for little beans.
  • It’s only available via Ocado. We don’t use Ocado and I wouldn’t move to Ocado just to get this cereal, so I’ll be watching to see if this cereal starts to become available elsewhere.

The Final Verdict:

Would I buy this again? Yes. I enjoyed this cereal. It’s great for all the family and has a lovely malty taste that does ‘Keep You Going’.

If you’d like to try Keep Me Going, it’s currently available via Ocado, here. they can also be found via their website here, Facebook and Twitter.

Family Fever

14 thoughts on “A New Cereal To Keep You Going

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I’m glad you found a lot to like about this. I really like a cereal that doesn’t go soggy. And for beans who are old enough to enjoy crunchy snacks, I’ll bet this would be a great ‘home-from-school’ snack, especially mixed up with a few nuts and berries.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nessjibberjabberuk says:

    I don’t have milk with my cereal so I don’t know of this could be too hard for me. I do like the idea that it could keep me full until lunchtime.


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