Bath Bombs, Honey Soap and Nettle Shampoo

A few weeks ago we heard from Michelle at The Little Honey Bee Company, when she told us all about the bees she keeps.

After hearing all about the bees I was very excited when Michelle offered to send me some of her handmade products to try out. The box of goodies included, bath bombs, soap, shampoo and a lip balm. What more does a girl need? So, what did I think?

Little Honey Bee Products


Michelle uses natural ingredients where possible and of course all the honey and beeswax, added to her products, come from her very own bees. Occasionally fragrance oils are used instead of essential oils but this is in order to offer a choice if you are unable to use essential oils for various reasons.

The packaging in the parcel is recycled from orders received and the cellophane bags, the bath bombs come in, are biodegradable.

I really like these products. I love their homemade feel and the natural ingredients. The biodegradable cellophane and use of recycled packaging is not only great for the environment but also in keeping with the ethos of these products. Here’s what I thought of items Michelle sent me.

Mandarin & Mango Lip Balm

Combining almond oil with beeswax and cocoa butter this is a really luxurious lip balm. It leaves your lips very soft and in this drying weather it’s perfect to pop in your pocket for days out in the sun.

Little Honey Bee Lip Balm

It’s very lightly scented with mandarin and mango, and for me I’d like to have had a bit more mango in it.

BeeKind Soap

I love this soap! It’s exactly that: kind. Unscented and full of shea butter and coconut oil, this leaves your skin feeling , clean, soft and not at all irritated. I’d recommend this soap for sensitive skin as I have very sensitive skin myself. I have had no problems with this soap and I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now.

Little Honey Bee Soaps

Nettle Shampoo Bar

I’ve been wanting to ditch the plastic bottles of shampoo for a while now and when I had the opportunity to try one of Michelle’s shampoo bars, I couldn’t wait.

It has a great homemade look and the rosemary, and lavender mean it smells great too. I was worried when I saw tea tree in the ingredients as I didn’t want my hair to smell like tea tree, however this doesn’t come through when your using it. Nettle has been used for many years, for a variety of different medicinal purposes and it’s a great scalp conditioner, as well as combating dandruff. I don’t have this problem so I can’t comment on that aspect but it did leave my hair looking glossy and healthy.

Little Honey Bee Shampoo Bar

The one thing I would say is, that although it left my hair looking glossy, it didn’t feel glossy. It had a waxy sticky feel about it. I have to admit I went back to my old shampoo; disheartened. I spoke to Michelle about it, to check it wasn’t just me, after all all the other products were so good. She says the same thing happened when she started using shampoo bars. Basically the shampoo bar is stripping the bottled shampoo build up out of my hair and it takes a few weeks to get used to it.

I am going to go back to the shampoo bar and persevere – I’ll let you know how it goes.

Bath Bombs 

I was sent three bath bombs to try out:

  • Zzzzesty
  • The Spa
  • Limechouli

Little Honey Bee Bath Bombs

The bomb bombs are great value for money at £2.50 each. They fizz and dissolve away perfectly, leaving no pasty lumps in the bottom of the bath and have just the right amount of fragrance.

I’m not sure about theLimechouli; the combination of patchouli and lime didn’t really work for me but the smell is relaxing. The Spa bath bomb has rosemary and lavender in it, which again is perfect for relaxing in the bath. My favourite has to beZzzzesty! The citrus fragrance of this bath bomb was fantastic and the frankincense goes really well with the grapefruit and lemon.

I’d definitely recommend Michelle’s beautifully made products. A lot of though goes into them and they are clearly made with love. 

If you’d like to check out some of Michelle’s products, then you can find her on Facebook or via her website. At the moment, if you e-mail Michelle, via her website, with your order, she’ll give you 10% off, until Friday (31st July). What are you waiting for? Buzz on over there…


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6 thoughts on “Bath Bombs, Honey Soap and Nettle Shampoo

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I’m glad you found some great products to try. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with the shampoo bar as you get used to it. So often we just get used o shampoo coming in certain forms; it’ll be interesting to see how that works out.


    • writerdsnelson says:

      Thanks, Margot. I use the shampoo bar again today and I’m starting to get used to it. I think, as with all things, it’s getting used to the change. I’d much rather use something natural and the shampoo,despite what it says on the bottle. clearly does leave a build up!

      Liked by 1 person

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