Five Bee Friendly Garden Plants

There are many many plants that bees love and help to pollinate, but here are five that the bees in our garden just can’t get enough of:

  • Thyme – I have several types on thyme in the herb box at the font of the house and the bees love it.
  • Skimmia – The skimma in the is always a buzz with honey bees in the spring.
  • Cotoneaster – The cotoneaster is a favourite with the bumbles
  • Red Clover – Red clover in the lawn is a hit with the solitary bumble bees
  • Crocus – I have several types of crops in the garden both winter and spring-flowering great for bees that wake up a little too early.


For more information on what to plant in your garden to attract the bees, the RHS have a great resource, here.

What plants do the bees love in your garden? Don’t forget to let us know below…



5 thoughts on “Five Bee Friendly Garden Plants

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    There are definitely some plants that bees seem to prefer over others. Clover is definitely one of them; we have a variety here that the bees adore. In fact, my canine overlords have learned to avoid sniffing too much among the clover; they’ve not (yet) been stung, but I think the bees do make them a bit uneasy.

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      • Michelle Ernoult says:

        White clover/red clover – I should have just said “clover”. Thank you for mentioning crocuses – such a very important source of early pollen for our honeybees – we may not be seeing much activity from them at that time of year, but they need all the pollen they can get then as the brood nests are expanding in early spring


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