Experimental Kitchen: Cadbury’s Chocolate Roses Cake

…putting the mental back into the kitchen.

A little like my Breaking The Recipe Rules posts, Experimental Kitchen sees me cast aside the recipes books completely, delve to the very depths of the fridge to retrieve leftovers or food that’s nearing its sell-by date, throw them into a metaphorical cauldron and see what the end result is.

Today’s Experimental Kitchen is a Cadbury’s Chocolate Roses Cake. Yeah, you read that right, #YUM!

I found these lovelies in the local shop about to reach their sell-by, well they had to be rescued, right?

Experimental Kitchen - Roses Chocolates


  • One bag of Cadbury’s Roses, Limited Edition, Strawberry Dream
  • Enough sponge mixture for twelve fairy cakes
  • 5″ Diameter cake tin, lined.


  • Make your sponge mix
  • Line the cake tin.
  • Add a third of the cake mixture to the tin and even out
  • Place the chocolates in a circle on top of the cake mixture
  • Place the remaining cake mixture on top of the chocolates
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 180C/350F for 40-50 minutes. Keep checking the cake towards the end, not too early or it will sink. You may want to place a tray on the shelf above to prevent it catching.

Leave to cool. DO NOT attempt to eat this cake hot. The fondant in the chocolates in very, very hot, I know this to be true!

Experimental Kitchen - Roses Chocolate Cake

The results were truly awesome. Lovely light sponge with a chewy base where the fondant has soaked through and pieces of chocolate at the very bottom at a treat. Just enough sickly sweet.Mmmmmm.

Watch out for more cavalier cooking from the Experimental Kitchen, coming soon.

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