Another Bloomin’ Update: The Trial

Two Bloomin’ Updates in one week, you’re spoiling us! I know, I know, but I just had to tell you about this exciting trial that’s taking place on my patio patch, right now! Garden Zest Trial - Spray Garden Zest contacted me with the opportunity to trial their new product. Garden Zest is described a ‘natural plant health booster’ and uses plant extracts to elicit an immune response reaction from the plant, boosting its health; a little bit like immunisation. I was intrigued so I said I try it out on my tomatoes. Garden Zest Trial - The plants taking part The tomatoes have been slow to grow this year and I was keen to see if the Garden Zest would have any affect. I have two bush variety tomatoes called ‘Scarlet, Sweet n’ Neat.’  They both stand side by side in their own pots on the patio, so they will both be subject to the same amount of light, water, and other elements. In an attempt to be as fair as possible, when I spray the test plant I will move the pot away from the other plant to avoid any spray inadvertently hitting it.

One of them is a little smaller than the other, so to give the product a really good test that one will be the plant I use the Garden Zest on. I’ll take photos every couple of days to see if there’s any significant result. Garden Zest have sent me a 500ml bottle for the purposes of the trial, and one capful (10ml) dilutes on litre, so there will be more than enough for this trial. Garden Zest Trial - Zest I’m going to test it over the growing season and I started the trial on Saturday night (I’m so rock ‘n’ roll), so we’ll check back in a week to see if there’s been any improvement in the plant sprayed with the zest. Of course, I’ll be reporting back in my Bloomin’ Updates so you can see too. Apparently Garden zest will improve plant health, yield and accelerate growth. I can’t wait to see if this is true. For now, let’s hope the slugs stay away from these precious little test plants and I can complete the trial.

We hope you enjoyed this Bloomin’ Update. Don’t forget to let us know what you’re growing this season and share your photos with us on Instagram, Facebook and twitter.

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