Bean Beside The Sea

Us beans went to the seaside the other weekend. It was my first time out in my pushchair and I got to face forward and see all the people, the houses, the cars, the birds, everything! We were very lucky to have lovely sunshine for our stroll along the promenade and I saw some wonderful things.

We went to a place called Southsea where there’s a pier that’s very old and needs some care. There’s a community trust that is working hard to raise funds to restore the pier to its former glory and you can read all about them, here.  I’d never seen a pier before, it was very impressive even if it was a bit old.

All the buildings along the seafront are tall and have different shapes to them, not like our space which is square.

Southsea - Buildings on the front

Mummy and daddy beans had chips. Chips look good but I wasn’t allowed any as I have to be a bigger bean. I thought I was a bigger bean now I’m facing forward in my pushchair. I guess I need to concentrate on growing even bigger.

Southsea has a shingly beach which isn’t good for pushchairs but we still got to see lot. Sea gulls, ships, people swimming and some beans fishing.

It’s not just a beach though, there’s lots to do at Southsea. They have an adventure playground, a model village, a community greenhouse and a boating lake where little beans like to go crabbing.

I really enjoyed my day at the beach and I was ready for my dinner when I got home. Especially as I didn’t get to have any of daddy’s chips!

We’d love to hear about your local beach so don’t forget to let us know below!

4 thoughts on “Bean Beside The Sea

  1. Persephone says:

    Don’t forget the aquarium and funfair! Allbeit at the other end. Or the Natural History Museum was nearby and they have pretty butterflies when they’re in season. Once you’re old enough for chips, Mummy Bean can take you to the Tenth Hole for cake!


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