A Picnic At Uppark

If you’re regular readers of this blog you’ll know that here at Beanly Towers, we love visiting National Trust properties and last Saturday was no different. The Summer had arrived, it was the weekend and there was the promise of Pimms and Jazz on the lawn at Uppark. So off we went.

We had a lovely afternoon, lounging in the sunshine, I even had a little nap in my pram and we listened to the band. Mummy and daddy beans were supping on a complimentary glass of Pimms. It looked rather nice but mummy bean said it was just for big beans. I could see she had a strawberry in her drink but she wouldn’t let me have it, which was rather disappointing. I like peach and strawberry.

Picnic At Uppark - Pimms on the meadow

Our picnic included mummy bean’s famous Piggy Picnic Parcels, soon to be featuring in a recipe e-book, mushroom and butterbean salad with a blue cheese sauce that went very well with the Piggy Parcels, oat and honey flapjack cookies, and of course homemade lemonade to wash it all down. I had my very own lunch of broccoli, carrot and parsnip puree; my favourite!


3 thoughts on “A Picnic At Uppark

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Sounds like you had a delightful time, Little Bean! And the weather looks perfect for the day, too – even better! And don’t worry; you’ll have a chance at those drinks with strawberries in them when you’re a bigger bean. Oh, and you and your mum look great in that ‘photo! You even kept your hat on!

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