Breaking The Recipe Rules: Oat & Honey FlapJack Cookies

It’s been a while since we had a Breaking The Recipe Rules post so I thought it was about time I did. I was making cookies for a weekend picnic we had planned and I’ll be posting all about that later in the week, but without further ado, here’s how I rebelled against the recipe and used up what was in my cupboards, rather than buying new ingredients…

This recipe is originally from the Great British Bake Off, Big Book of Baking

Oat Cookies - recipe

The recipe called for 200g of oats and 100g or mixed, dried fruit and nuts. I had neither of these so I used 250g of organic muesli that had been sat in the cupboard with the promise of being eaten when I went on that health kick, last…well, let’s not think about that, it looked fine! I topped it up with 50g of raisins.

Light brown sugar and plain wholemeal flour were next on the list. I had dark brown and rice it goes.

Oat Cookies - Dark Brown Sugar and Spice

Finally good old cinnamon popped up and I still haven’t bought any more so mixed spice it was!

Oat cookies - dough

These were a hit and devoured by the husband with much gusto who announced I had created a jolly fine picnic. Job done!

Oat Cookies


We’d love to know what you use in your recipes as substitutes. What are your favourite cheats? Don’t forget to let us know!



4 thoughts on “Breaking The Recipe Rules: Oat & Honey FlapJack Cookies

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    It certainly does sound delicious! You really are a genius at working out ways to use what you have, bend those rules and create something new. Shame Bean didn’t get to share. Oh, well, her time will come!

    Liked by 1 person

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