Uppark House & Gardens

A few weekends ago the sun was shining and never wanting to miss some good weather us beans went on a trip to another National Trust property.

Uppark house and gardens are on the South Downs, not far from where we live, which makes it the perfect place to pop out for a quick visit. The house is eighteenth century and sits right next to a large meadow, where there’s plenty of room for little beans (and big beans of course) to play.

We arrived at lunch time which meant the cafe was very busy and it was quite small so we decided to have a picnic instead. There wasn’t much food left in the cafe but the staff were very accommodating and they made us up some sandwiches. Of course mummy and daddy bean had brought my vegetables, fruit and milk with them so I wasn’t worried; my dinner was in the bag! After lunch Mummy and Daddy bean had some ice cream and I got to try a little bit. I like ice cream!

Next to the house there is a Georgian dairy and stables. There’s an underground passage that links the kitchen with the house that the servants had to walk along with the food when the residents were dining. It looked like a long way. I’m glad mummy doesn’t have to walk that far with my food; I think I’d be very hungry by the time it arrived!

After visiting the dairy and stables we had a walk around the gardens. There are some lovely formal gardens at Uppark and a pretty little kitchen garden to explore.

We found this little fella in the formal gardens, he almost dropped into my pram he was so keen to say hello! He was dangling from a little piece of silk, he’d made all by himself and mummy bean thinks that he was probably going to grow into a moth as butterfly caterpillars don’t, usually, spin silk…

Uppark CaterpillarAs usual there was so much to see in the gardens we didn’t go in the house this time, especially as it was a lovely day. Instead we had a lot of fun exploring the grounds and formal gardens. I hear there’s a beer cellar in the house though; daddy bean would like that, and there’s also a world-famous dolls house on display, which I think I would definitely like!

Tomorrow (June 6th 2015) there’s a Jazz band playing so why not head out to Uppark for a picnic. You might see us there!

You can follow Andy the head gardener at Uppark on Instagram, here and find more information about National Trust places near you, here.










2 thoughts on “Uppark House & Gardens

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    What a wonderful day you had, Little Bean! And ice cream, too? Yum! I love it that those nice beans at the National Trust have taken care of so many places for you and your mummy and daddy beans to visit. You’ve lots more fun ahead of you I think 🙂

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