Thursday Play Date: 5 Beach Games For The Garden

Today’s play date is all about bringing the beach to your back garden.

We aren’t all lucky enough to life by the sea and so we thought we’d try to find some fun ways to teach little beans about the sea in their back garden:

5 Beach Games For The Garden
    • Create a rock pool in your paddling pool – Let your imagination run wild with some sensory play. Use strips of old material bunched together to create seaweed and bath toys to create the aquatic life you might find in a rock pool; there’s a great little set here from Bathtime and Beyond*. If your bean’s old enough, how about putting some pebbles or pea shingle at one end of the paddling pool, although make sure there are no sharp edges.
    • Kim’s Game – Kim’s Game is a memory game where lots of different object are placed on a tray, you get your bean to turn their back, remove one and see if they can remember which one it was. Why not get them to draw pictures of different sea creatures on card, cut them out and put them on the tray to play Kim’s Game with?
    • Magnetic Fish Game – This is a fun fishing game and you can have great fun making your own sea creatures to go fishing for with magnets. How about this one from Buggy and Buddy?
    • Create A Sand Pit – if you have room you could make a sand pit. Build sand castles and have a competition. If you’re good at DIY, here’s a great video on how to make your own:


  • Who Lives In A Shell Like This? – Visit your local library and borrow a pocket guide to the seashore. Collect some shells together, sit out in the garden with a picnic and have fun identifying the shells and the animals that may have lived in them with your pocket guide. You don’t need to go to the beach to find shells, you can buy them online. Just make sure they are from a sustainable source. If you don’t want to buy them, you could take pictures from the internet and print them out for your little bean and explore them this way. If you don’t have a printer, your local library should have one you can use.

*For a review of one of Bathtime and Beyond’s toys, click here.



One thought on “Thursday Play Date: 5 Beach Games For The Garden

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    What a clever and creative idea! There are so many ways to help teach little beans about the sea, the beach, and the animals and plants that live there. I especially love the sandpit idea. There’s just something about building sand castles 🙂


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