A Dangerous Limb…

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In fact one of the great philosophers of our time agreed:

breakfast copy

In Britain, I think it’s fair to say we’re proud of our fried breakfast; the staple, in my opinion, of any half decent bed and breakfast. We visited one bed and breakfast in Dorset where, on  complimenting the owner on the quality of the meat at breakfast, he disappeared into the kitchen and reappeared with some local sausages for us to take home with us; now that’s what I call service!

For me a fried breakfast has to include sausages, bacon, eggs, toast, fried mushrooms and baked beans. My husband likes to add black pudding and fried tomato to his. The bacon has to be thick cut local bacon and the sausages, flavoured lightly, not course cut and again, preferably from a local butcher.

So what happened when we went vegetarian for the month?

We could, of course have simply missed out the meat, normally present on a traditional fried breakfast. In fact we do eat vegetarian sausages every now and then; they’re a good freezer stock item. For this challenge I thought we should try out a few different vegetarian sausages; just for fun.

Vegetarian meat substitutes are a dangerous topic of conversation, “You’re going out on a dangerous limb, making healthy sausages” (Stanley Hunt). I’ve never been adverse to a vegetarian sausage, in fact some of them are very nice. My favourite has to be Tivall sausages. I love these hotdog style sausages but they are hard to come by. I have yet to find a whole food store that has a steady supply.

For the purposes of this experiment I decided to try , homemade vegi sausages, some vegi sausage available in a local convenience store and some available in our local supermarket.

Here’s what we thought…

Homemade Glamorgan Sausages (part of a Riverford recipe box)

Sasuages, Glamorgan, Recipe

These were made using a recipe from a Riverford recipe box. Oven baking made them extra healthy and we’ve had them again since! The ingredients include, leeks, potato and Caerphilly cheese. The only downside is although making them is easy, it is a lengthy process. Buying all the ingredients, also gets expensive. As part of the recipe box, if you divide up the cost of all the meals end up costing approximately £6 for six sausages.

Homemade Glamorgan Sausages

Homemade Glamorgan Sausages

Don’t get me wrong I love Riverford recipe boxes as you know and I don’t think they are over priced. All the ingredients are organic and sometimes the ingredients in one meal may cost more than another. The point is, to buy the ingredients for these sausages separately, works out very expensive and you have a lot left over; that’s the beauty of the recipe box.

These sausages get 3/5

Linda McCartney Sausages (£1.70 for 6)

Sausages Linda McCartney box

Readily available in the local convenience store and inexpensive, I find these have a very slight spicy flavour to them although I should emphasise they are not spicy. They are made from textured wheat protein and not all that exciting. Unfortunately in comparison to the other two sausages tried, they are not as tasty.

Sausages Linda McCartney

These sausages get 4/5 as a good staple of a vegi fried breakfast

Goodlife Sausages (£2.49 for 4)

Sausages Goodlife

Purchased from our local supermarket, Waitrose, these and just vegetables and cheese; beetroot, feta and fennel, and make for a really interesting sausage. Grilling makes them a little dry but with a few baked beans this is soon sorted. They were a great healthy sausage option and there’s other flavours to try.

Sausages Goodlife, breakfast

These sausages get 4/5. We would have given them 5/5 but there’s only four in the packet; we wanted more!


4 thoughts on “A Dangerous Limb…

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Glad you found alternatives, so that you could enjoy a proper English breakfast. And all the research I know anything about suggests that you’re right about the importance of breakfast. That’s be especially important as Bean gets older and goes off to school. There are several studies linking school performance with breakfast.

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