Kingston Lacy

A few weeks ago, us beans took advantage of a lovely sunny day and went to visit another place that’s been preserved by those lovely beans at the National Trust: Kingston Lacy.

It’s a beautiful house and is the product of one of the biggest legacies left to the National Trust to date. The house was built to resemble an Italian palace and I think it’s beautiful. Those Italian princesses must be very lucky!

We didn’t go into the house because the weather was just too nice to miss and there are 8,500 acres of estate to see. That’s a lot of walking so we thought we better have something to eat first.

Daddy had to eat his quick because I was really hungry and his looked good!

After lunch we took a stroll through the gardens. There was so much to see: a lime avenue with bluebells, a bit like the one at Polesden Lacey, a camellia garden, a Japanese tea garden, the list went on.

Kingston Lacey Gardens

Our favourite was the Acer glade. the sun shine through the trees was just beautiful and I loved looking at the tiny delicate leaves on the trees.

Mummy was taking a long time taking photos and daddy bean had to tell her to hurry up, we were getting hungry again!

Kingston Lacey Sunken Garden

Next we visited the kitchen garden and we walked such long way we thought we better stop for tea and cake.

Once we’d refuelled we went and said hello to the pigs.

They were very funny looking pigs. All furry and wallowing in mud. I got to feed them something called pig nuts. They were a bit grumpy and squealed at each other a lot.

It was such a lovely day and I was very tired after all my adventures. I’d recommend a visit to Kingston Lacy, to all beans. It’s a great place and we’ll definitely be going back there again to look inside that palace!


2 thoughts on “Kingston Lacy

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, you had a wonderful day, Little Bean! And so much to see! Yes, the National Trust people really are good at taking care of lots of nice places so you and your mummy and daddy will have a lot to see as you get bigger. And I certainly like the way you travel in style – total comfort all the way!

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