Spiced Rhubarb Compote

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Rhubarb is in season at the moment and we’ve really got a taste for it here at Beanly Towers. Compote is so easy to make and really versatile so I thought I’d share my recipe for rhubarb compote with you.


  • 1kg organic rhubarb
  • 200ml fruit juice
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 12 cardamon pods
  • 200g castor sugar (don’t add until the end if pureeing for little beans)

Luxury Rhubarb Compote


  • Preheat oven to 190c (170c fan)
  • Chop up the rhubarb into chunks approximately 1 cm in size.
  • Place in shallow ovenproof dish
  • Add the sugar and spices. If you are going to blend a small amount for a baby then add the sugar after the rhubarb is cooked.
  • Pour over the fruit juice, it can be any juice you happen to have in the fridge
  • Cover and cook for 30-40 mins until rhubarb soft. Stir halfway through to make sure the rhubarb cooks evenly.
  • Remove the cinnamon and cardamon and leave to cool.
  • Use a blender to puree the rhubarb if required or leave as it is.
  • If you have left out the sugar, you can add it now.

 Serving Suggestions

  • Cover with custard
  • Throw caution to the wind and serve with lashings of decadent whipped double cream.
  • Have a healthy breakfast with natural yogurt
  • Add some apples for a crumble or pie filling
  • Freeze for another day but make sure you defrost thoroughly before cooking.

We’d love to know if you’ve tried this, so don’t forget to let us know below. Why not share your compote recipes, we’re always looking for new things to try!


6 thoughts on “Spiced Rhubarb Compote

      • Ema Jones says:

        Hi dear thanks, will use it. Coconut sugar takes more time to blend than normal sugar, its texture is coarse, but it enhances the flavor and people fond of the coconut flavor, enjoy it to the fullest, that is what my learning says.
        Was going through your blog and juz loved Lentil Bolognese, I’m trying it right away.


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