Experimental Kitchen: Rice Bubble & Squeak

…putting the mental back into the kitchen.

A little like my Breaking The Recipe Rules posts, Experimental Kitchen sees me cast aside the recipes books completely, delve to the very depths of the fridge to retrieve leftovers or food that’s nearing its sell-by date, throw them into a metaphorical cauldron and see what the end result is.

Today’s Experimental Kitchen is alternative bubble and squeak.

Leftovers Used

  • Rissoto
  • Spring green with sesame seeds
  • Halloumi
  • Two duck eggs


Combine all the ingredients, attempt to make patties with the mixture, fry them in olive oil, watch them fall apart, eat.

Despite their inability to hold themselves together, (yes I do hold them responsible for this) these patties/bubble and squeak were really yummy! A dollop of ketchup on the side and these made a filling and relatively healthy lunch.

Rice Bubble and Squeak 1

Watch out for more cavalier cooking from the Experimental Kitchen, coming soon.

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