Get Your Veg On: Week One

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Each week I’ll be planning our menu and sharing it on the blog. I’ll let you know where I’m getting the different recipes from and I’ll do a postal the end of the week to let you know how we got on.

This week we’ll be eating:

Vegetarian Menu Week 1


You may notice that this week is a slightly longer week and that’s because the month starts on a Thursday so I’ve chosen to add the first three days to the first week. We’ll be using the Vegetarian, Riverford Recipe boxes to help us out throughout the month as they will provide  three well-balanced, vegi meals that don’t require me to think about a recipe. Look out for a review of their Eco-Safe, later in the month.

What’s new:

Fennel’s a new vegetable that I’ve just started cooking with. It’s in season at the moment and tastes wonderful. I’ve never tried making my own onion rings before so I’m going to attempt those and as it’s our anniversary that weekend, we’ll be having a slightly different version of a Bloody Mary to accompany our meal (and maybe a cheeky Prosecco)


I’m actually allergic to chickpeas (they give me a horrible migraine), so I’ll have to make a substitution to the recipe in the Riverford Box. I’ve chosen haricot beans, fingers crossed it’s just as nice.

This week’s magazine:

As I mentioned when I introduced the challenge, earlier today, we are trying out different vegetarian magazines, throughout the month. This week it’s the American magazine, Vegetarian Times. I’ll be compiling a review of all three at the end of the challenge to see which ones are packed full of easy to cook recipes and which one’s are probably better used to line your vegetable basket.

You can follow us on Instagram (@WriterDSNelson) to see if we stick to our menu and don’t forget to let us know if you’re joining in the challenge. If you are, we’d love to know what you’re eating this week.


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