Breaking The Recipe Rules: Purple Sprouting Broccoli bake

A post from mummy bean:

Have you ever, found a recipe you really fancy making, looked in your cupboards and discovered you don’t have quite the right ingredients? Then, it’s time for a recipe mash-up!

I know, right? Two recipe mash-ups in one week! This woman’s getting positively militant.

This recipe is originally from the Riverford Organic Recipe Boxes

Purple Sprouting Brocolli Bake 1

I was missing ricotta, fresh herbs and a lemon for this recipe. The main ingredient was ricotta so I had to look for a suitable substitute. Tricky!

I opened the fridge door the light shone on a tub of crème fraiche that needed eating up. I hoped that by adding an extra egg, an extra 150g of broccoli and an extra 25g of Italian hard cheese to bulk out the recipe and create the cohesion missing in the absence of the ricotta, I might end up with a similar result.

It wasn’t long before I had thrown all the rules out of the window and grabbed a grapefruit to replace the lemon zest. Reining myself back in from anything else too radical, dried basil was the obvious choice to replace the fresh herbs.

What did it taste like? Yummy, of course! The grapefruit gave it a real zing, in fact the husband thought it was great! The crème fraiche did just as well as the ricotta and the extra egg helped this ‘lazy soufflé’, as Bob the chef from Riverford refered to it, rise and create a light texture.

I’m not sure how healthy using a whole tub of crème fraiche in a dish is and I think the dish was left in the oven for about five minutes too long; an occupational hazard as a mother of a five month old, but who cares it tasted great and used up all the things that were lying about the fridge. The extra broccoli did create a bit of water in the bottom of the dish, but just make sure you drain it well if you make this recipe.

Purple Sprouting Brocolli Bake 4

We’d love to know what you use in your recipes as substitutes. What are your favourite cheats? Don’t forget to let us know!



2 thoughts on “Breaking The Recipe Rules: Purple Sprouting Broccoli bake

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I love the substitutions you made! It sounds (and looks) really yummy! I must think about grapefruit next time I need a hint of that tart zing; it’s not something I’d have hit on before.


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