5 Things We Did For The Grow-Your-Own Challenge


MARCH Green Bean Challenge

It’s the end of the month, the Easter weekend is almost here and tomorrow a new Green Bean Challenge, will begin.

Here’s some of the highlights from March’s challenge.

  1. We grew cress in a hanging garden
  2. We bought the outside in with a pretty, pressed-flower picture
  3. We’re growing vegetables on our windowsill
  4. We’re growing-our-own from our own
  5. We looked at helpful insects in the garden

(All posts on the above can be found under the Green Bean Challenge tab at the top of the page.)

Over the next few months we’ll keep bring you bloomin’ updates to let you know how the vegetables and plants we are growing, are getting on in their new homes outside.

Tomorrow the new challenge starts and it’s all about the weather and climate! We’ve got some great projects planned so look out for them!

Don’t forget to let us know what you’re planting and how you got on with this month’s challenge.


One thought on “5 Things We Did For The Grow-Your-Own Challenge

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I really like the way you’ve been able to do so much growing – from inside your home! Indoor gardens, however small, can really add a lot. Looking forward to seeing how everything does.


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