Just Leaves Friday: The One With The Moustache

One, two, three and swirl it’s time for Just Leaves Friday!

Last Weeks Reading:

I have been approached in regard to two collaborations now. I’m pleased to report there are no tornadoes yet but there’s still time. I’ve kept that ego in check and dots and dashes have cancelled each other out, so what does this week hold?

Today’s reading:

Tea used for reading: Lemon Tea:  Lovely black tea infused with lemon peel for a refreshing citrus bite.

Microsoft Word - Document1

1) Witch on a broom –  Witch isn’t in my book so I’ve gone with an old woman. This is a symbol of responsibilities. A broom on its own can symbolise a new start.

2) Bouquet  –  This is lucky and shows fulfilment and a trouble-free period of time for the reader.

3) Moustache – Another one that’s not in my book! I may have to upgrade. I’ve gone for beard instead which symbolises a man.

4)  Umbrella –  This symbolises disappointment or mourning. If the umbrella is open, like this one, it shows protection for the reader.


Conflicting messages this week. On the one hand the witch tells of responsibility and umbrella of sadness but the bouquet says the opposite, even suggests a carefree time for me. Who knows what then man is, perhaps all this news, good and bad, will come via the postman? We’ll have to wait and see…

If you beans fancy having a go at some amateur tasseomancy yourself and being a guest on ‘Just Leaves Friday’, then we’d love to hear from you. Just drop me a line via info@dsnelson.co.uk.

Have A Great Weekend!

I hope you’ve found this week’s tea leaves interesting and that you’ll join me in tasseomancy Friday. If you’d like to share then please leave your comments and links to posts, or photos below the blog.
(*Disclaimer: Mummy bean is an amateur tea-leaf/ coffee ground reader, she does not own an ornate caravan or crystal ball and is certainly not a professional psychic. There is a lot more to tea leaf reading than she has covered here and far more comprehensive readings where the symbols can be interpreted differently. Her information comes from books and websites. She uses www.tasseography.com’s instructions for tea leaf reading and  *’Tea Leaf Reading For Beginners’ by Caroline Dow. 

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5 thoughts on “Just Leaves Friday: The One With The Moustache

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Interesting reading! I do hope it’s a joyful week for you. And as loving and caring a mum as you are, I’m sure Bean gets all the protection she could possibly need 🙂


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