Thursday Play Date: We’re Going To The Zoo


This week I’ve been to the zoo!

I had such an exciting adventure yesterday! It was daddy bean’s birthday and we had a family day out. We went to a place called the zoo! There were lots of other little beans there, and lots and lots of different animals.

The zoo is called Marwell Zoo and it’s near Southampton. They play an important part in preserving endangered species. Mummy bean says this is good thing but that it’s a terrible shame that we have to protect animals like this by putting them in cages. Us beans should be looking after animals in the wild!


I did enjoy seeing all the different animals. It was great for a little bean like me to be able to see these wonderful creatures in real life. Mummy says a lot of them don’t live in our space. They live in other spaces that are much bigger and you need a boat or an aeroplane to get to them.

We saw black and white animals like the penguins and the monkeys. Bright coloured tiny frogs and tall yellow giraffes. Snuffling Peccaries and meerkats, on guard. Minuscule ants to magnificent white rhinos. Lounging leopards and terrifying Tigers. There were also some very special leopards called amur leopards. There are only fifty amur leopards left in the wild.

Here are some photos of our day. You can click on each one to see them properly.

Here are some facts about Giraffes I learnt at the zoo yesterday. A very helpful man called Dave, told us all about them;

  • Giraffes have the same amount of neck bones as humans; seven!
  • Giraffes only have two predators; lions and humans
  • Giraffes are hunted for their skin and their tail hair.
  • A giraffe’s tail hair does not fall out.
  • A baby giraffe’s ossicones (that’s their little horns) are not fully formed and are all floppy when they are born.

We even learnt a little bit about where some of the plants come from, for food. You might find some of these in your kitchen!

Marwell is a great place to go if you have a little bean. It is a little more expensive than some places, at £14 for big beans, but little beans like me (under three) can go for free. There are staff and volunteers who will teach you about the animals and there are lots of activities during the day too. There is even a tractor to take you round the park if you’re getting tired.

There are plenty of places to stop and eat; picnic benches and cafes and there’s hot food in one of the cafes if it’s a cold day. It was a lovely day yesterday, so I had my milk sitting on the picnic benches. You can save yourself some money by bringing a picnic with you and the cafe will let you have hot water for your thermos if you’d like a cup of tea. Mummy says it was a shame that there was no where to recycle daddy beans glass bottle and thinks in the future it might be nice if there were facilities available to do this.

I was able to have my nappy changed in a very nice cubicle which had  a place for mummy too. It was great but mummy says that it might be worth considering putting a sink in the cubicle, as it was difficult for mummy to wash her hands once she was out of the cubicle. The facilities aren’t really big enough to take pushchairs into and there was no where to put me down once she was out of the cubicle, so that she could use the basins! Don’t worry though, she got daddy bean to take me and then went back to wash her hands. She says it’s important to have clean hands before you eat, that’s why she’s always cleaning mine.

It was such an exciting day and I learnt so much but I was very tired by the end of it. I’m looking forward to going back there again because there were some animals we didn’t get to see. Mummy says there’s a very shy red panda and some monkeys I’d like. She said something about them being a bit like me. I’m not sure what she meant!

There was a lovely selection of wooden toys in the gift shop and mummy and daddy bean bought me a giraffe and a tiger to take home.


The song for our playdate is a song mummy bean’s mummy used to sing, you can join in too, if you’d like!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Play Date: We’re Going To The Zoo

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, it sounds as though you had a wonderful day at the zoo! I’ve always loved places like that where you can see animals and plants. And I’ll bet you had a great time looking at everything. So glad you shared it all! Your post made me think of Simon and Garfunkel’s great song called At the Zoo.

    Liked by 1 person

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