Fowl Health Announcement: Peas Please

Mummy Bean and I heard on the talking box, this morning, that the Canal & River Trust are asking people not to feed ducks so much bread.

Mummy bean says that feeding ducks bread is a national pastime for little beans but that bread is like junk food for the ducks. That’s not good.

Instead they’d like defrosted frozen peas please, or oats maybe!

Feed The Ducks

Mummy bean says we’ll get out in the Summer to visit the ducks and we’ll make sure we take oats or peas with us instead of bread.

In September, our Green Bean Challenge will be all about canals and rivers so we’ll visiting a few, I’m sure!

You can also get a guide from the Canals & Rivers Trust that tells you all about what you can feed the ducks to keep them healthy.

Click here to request yours.

And now for some music to celebrate the ducks.


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