Just Leaves Friday: The One With The Tornado

One, two, three and swirl it’s time for Just Leaves Friday!

Last Weeks Reading:

The luck continued in last week’s readings and we’ve certainly had a good week. That illusive balance still needs to be found but we’re getting there and mummy bean’s managing to carve out some editing time for her writing:

Today’s reading:

Tea used for reading: Rose Congou: A high-grade, refreshing, rose scented, black tea. Rose is one of mummy bean’s favourite flavours of tea and this one’s from a tea shop in Norwich.

Tasseomancy 13/03

1) i –  This refers to the ego and concentration.

2) M  –  This is a very important letter in tea leaf reading and tells the reader of collaboration or partnership of some kind.

3) Shirt – This ones plain and simple – protection.

4)  Dots and Dashes –  The dots represent security but the dashes excitement and change.

5) Tornado/Africa –   I can’t decide what this is. If it’s a tornado then my book is clear – ‘offensive developments’. If it’s Africa then we can’t find the meaning of that anywhere, so if you know, please let us know!


A mixed bag and one that really speaks to me this week. I should mention that, before I did this reading, I’d just received an e-mail from someone asking me to collaborate with them on a project.

I do not remember what the symbols mean from one week to the next, I rely wholly on a book to look them up, so, when I saw it in the leaves, I had no idea the M showed collaboration, until I looked it up. Spooky!

Firstly let’s address the ‘i’ and that tornado. I think it means that I should watch my ego, so that I don’t cause offence. I’d like to think I am not egotistical but none the less, it would be egotistical to ignore the warning ;-), especially if it links to the ‘M’.

Hopefully the shirt symbol will protect me from the tornado and the dots and the dashes will cancel each other out to keep me on even keel!

I’m hoping the fact that it’s Friday 13th has no bearing on any of this reading!

Have a great weekend, beans and I hope Friday 13th isn’t giving you any trouble 😀

If you beans fancy having a go at some amateur tasseomancy yourself and being a guest on ‘Just Leaves Friday’, then we’d love to hear from you. Just drop me a line via info@dsnelson.co.uk.

Have A Great Weekend!

I hope you’ve found this week’s tea leaves interesting and that you’ll join me in tasseomancy Friday. If you’d like to share then please leave your comments and links to posts, or photos below the blog.
(*Disclaimer: Mummy bean is an amateur tea-leaf/ coffee ground reader, she does not own an ornate caravan or crystal ball and is certainly not a professional psychic. There is a lot more to tea leaf reading than she has covered here and far more comprehensive readings where the symbols can be interpreted differently. Her information comes from books and websites. She uses www.tasseography.com’s instructions for tea leaf reading and  *’Tea Leaf Reading For Beginners’ by Caroline Dow. 

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3 thoughts on “Just Leaves Friday: The One With The Tornado

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, that is strange how that all happened, isn’t it? The collaboration and the ‘M.’ I hope it works well for you, and quite honestly, I can’t imagine you being so egotistical that it wouldn’t. I hope you have a fantastic week!


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